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Monday, August 20, 2012

Pretty Little Liars: Recap on "What Lies Beneath"

Hey PLL Fans, Time for another recap on my favorite show! So last week episode we find out where Maya might have spent her final times at before she was murdered.
So Hanna was outside talking to her Mom and helping her Mom move plants when Hanna found a note that Maya had wrote to Emily before she died. Crazy that was hidden under a Plant and that Emily didn't get to see it until now. Well Hanna decided to show the Girls what she found and they found out that this note was written the day that Maya had died. The Note said for Emily to meet Maya so Maya can talk to Emily about something. Did Maya know who A was? Anyways Hanna wanted to do some investigation of her own and decided to go through all the photos that was on Maya website. Hanna that is not your girlfriend! as what Emily had said to Hanna. Anyways Hanna and Emily found out that Maya was last seen at Noel Khan Cabin!!
Spencer decided to go talk to Noel to see how he knew Maya and if he had anything to do with Maya being killed. Noel said that he used to hook Maya up with drugs but that was it. Spencer wasn't buying it so she decided to go through his gym locker while he was at practice. I don't think found much but she did get caught by Noel. Hanna was at The Brew when Wren showed up! He went to ask her on a date but Hanna told her she couldn't do it again because she is secretly back with Caleb. Is that a Good Idea? I really do love them two together. So Ezra and Aria relationship is really going down because now Ezra can't get over about what happen to Maggie the girl he got pregnant. Aria kept pushing him and this is what had happened. With Emily and Paige relationship it was going good till Nate showed up at Emily house and Emily and Nate Kissed!!! Paige walked up and saw them. She was not so happy. So Emily and Hanna decided to check out the Khan Cabin to see what they can find when A locks them in a room together. With no way to escape Emily starts smashing the window, Hanna tries but she ends up stabbing her leg instead. They finally got out with a Bag that was Maya and Hanna had to get stitches by Wren. Later that night, Spencer got a Email from Noel with a camera surveillance of Noel Cabin and it shows Maya showing up and then getting snatched by someone. It wasn't Noel and Jenna also it is not Garrett. So who Killed Maya???

Favorite Quote: "Lying to Toby is like Lying to the Dalai Lama."-Emily

Favorite Hottie:
I Love Wren. He is sooo Sexy!!

A Shocking Moment: A locked up Hanna and Emily in Noel Cabin. Maya was last seen at Noel Khan Cabin.

Couples Update:

Hanna and Caleb: They are having a secret relationship because they don't want A to find out
Emily and Paige: Emily kissed Nate and Paige saw. So what does this mean for their relationship?
Aria and Ezra: Still rocky with everything that Aria found out
Spencer and Toby: Spencer still doesn't know if she is still together with Toby

CES <3

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