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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Delia's Clothing Haul

Hey I have a Clothing Haul that I wanna share with ya'll today that I got from Delia's. I don't have one near me so I go online and look at what interests me. I picked up a few Fall items.

This is a Pretty Little Liar shirt that I got. This is my third PLL Shirt. I got it in a Large since my stomach is getting a little bigger.
Cost: $18.37

I love this Shirt. The material I think is called Burnout but please correct me if I am wrong. On the back there is two bows. I am really loving this color right now.
Cost: $9.99! It was on Clearance.

I got this Long Sleeve Floral Shirt. I thought this would be perfect for Fall and to add some color. I got it in a Large.
Cost: $7.99! Got it on Clearance.

I bought this Plum/Wine color Tank. I thought this color is perfect for Fall and for layering with stuff.
Cost: $5.99! Was on Clearance.

Another Long Sleeve top that I got and this is in Emerald.
Cost: $7.99! Was on Clearance.

I love this top because of the Owl! On the back it has like a x cutout so I would probably wear a tank or a bandeau under the top.
Cost: $12.99

 I love this Mickey Mouse long sleeve shirt!! It's my favorite.
Cost: $18.37

I always wanted a Jean Jacket and I finally got one!!
Cost: $50.00

CES <3

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