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Friday, September 28, 2012

Update On: Life

   Hey everyone, Today I have only Lab to do which I finished because I only had to do 1 more hour for this month. I decided since I haven't done this in a while to do a update on how I been doing lately since I have time to type it today for ya'll.
   As some of ya'll may know in June I went to Hawaii to visit my boyfriend because he is a Marine stationed in Hawaii. He has been there for about 2 1/2 years and he has 2 more years to go. I stayed there for the whole month of June with his friend because they allowed me to stay there with them. The last two weeks in Hawaii I got really sick and I came back to Texas July 2nd. When I came home I went to see my doctor and I had a virus but July 9th is when I found out that I was pregnant.
   I told my boyfriend the very same day that I found out and he was happy for us. My mom was excited for me because this will be her first grandchild. Everything so far has been going good for me and my boyfriend with the pregnancy. Me and him are learning to communicate more and not to argue so much because we want to have a good healthy relationship. I do agree that sometimes it is hard to do long distance relationships because I do get lonely a lot and I do miss him. Right now I am about to be 15 weeks pregnant tomorrow and I have not yet found out if it's a boy or a girl.
   Me and my boyfriend are wanting a girl but either way we will be happy and just hope that the baby will be healthy. We do have names already picked out, If it's a Girl: Chloe Ann and If it's a Boy: Jordan Quentin. I have another doctor appointment October 11 so hopefully then we will find out if it's a boy or a girl. As you may have seen I been doing Pregnancy Logs just to update ya'll on my pregnancy and kinda for myself too. The only thing that has been really bothering me about being pregnant is that I am nauseated all the time and I hate it.
   So I just started my Fall Semester of College and this semester I am trying my best to focus and pass all my classes. Last semester I failed almost all my classes and I was really depressed about it. After this semester I should have about 9 classes left till I graduate with my associate's degree in child development.
  I am so ready to graduate because I am ready for me and my boyfriend to get our own house together. I might be either moving to Dallas or Hawaii with him. I am not sure yet till probably a couple more years until I know for sure what we are doing.
   Lately I just been so annoyed about everything here in Texas but it might just be my pregnancy hormones. I am just ready for something new and exciting. I can't wait to meet my baby in March 2013.

So this is what has been happening lately for me if I have anything else to update ya'll on I will do quick and small updates whenever I can.

CES <3

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