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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Update On: College (October) 1 month left!!!!

   Hey everyone I am doing another update on my Fall Semester of College. I can't believe I only have the month of November left then I am done!! I get out on December 12th, that's when the Fall Semester is over. Me and my friend were talking about how this semester is going by fast and we are glad. I really need a break.
   So first I am gonna talk about Art Appreciation. Nothing has changed from last update except the first test that we took I made a 73 I think, It's the lowest grade I gotten this semester so far. I really like this class because I love learning about the history of Art and it's a easy class because we hardly get any homework. We did just had our first discussion board and that was if I thought video games are art. This Monday I have no class so starting tomorrow I have a 4 day weekend which I am very excited about. In Art I have only missed 2 days so far.
   Next is Creative Arts for Young Children. So far my grades have been very good in the class and I have been working hard on studying. I have had my first test in there and I made a 83, also this Tuesday I will have my second test which I hope I do good on. I told ya'll how I needed 16 hours of Lab well I only need 5 more hours and I am done!! I hope to finish all Lab hours the week before Thanksgiving just so that I am not stressing around the holiday. Lab has been pretty good for me the only thing I see that I struggle with is Problem Solving with the children, I am still learning how to approach it the best. Today in Lab I brought in homemade paint and the children loved it, they had paint everywhere and even on my pants.
   Next core class is Administrative Programs. This class still stresses me out but it's getting a little better on me. My grades are really good in the class it's just all the work she throws at us to do. I have a friend in that class so me and her try to help each other out. The current homework I have to work on this weekend is a Formal Staff Orientation and it has to include a Checklist, Outline and Handouts. My teacher says she is proud of me though because I really have been focusing this semester and trying to get more comfortable with talking in front of people.
    So this is what has been going on so far, I am really excited about only having a month left. I will do the Spring Semester which starts in January but I am going to take 2 online classes and that's it. I thought that would be better on me when the baby is due. I am just in need for a break from school.

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