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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Once Upon a Time Recap: 203 "Lady of the Lake"

Hey everyone! Today I decided to do the Once Upon a Time recap because I really love this show. So this episode was based around Lady of the Lake and about Regina Mom Cora. Lets get Started....
Snow and Emma we last seen trap inside a cell with Emma talking to Cora. Once Snow wakes up she tells Emma not to trust Cora because she is evil and is not who she seems to be. Snow and Emma walked outside to Snow seeing an old friend called Lancelot. We get a flashback on how they meet and Lancelot was the one who captured Snow and brought her to the King. The King decided to poison  Snow by making her never able to have a child. After Lancelot finds out what the King does he releases Snow and agrees to help her. They soon realize the King Guards are after Prince and they rush to get there. Once they arrive they see Prince kneeing next to his injured mom. The Prince tells them that the Lake where he fought the Lady might still have some water to heal her. Snow doesn't tell Prince but she does tell his Mom and she knows the water can heal her too.
Once they get to the Lake they realize it's all dried up except for a little drops of water they had managed to find. The water is not enough to heal both women so one has to sacrifice their self to save the other. Prince Mom wants Snow to take it but Snow doesn't take it because she doesn't want his mom to die. Lancelot gives her the water but it's not the one to heal her. At her last request she wants to see Prince and Snow marry, Lancelot marries them so she can watch. When they drink the water Snow doesn't realize it's the water of the Lake!! When they turn back, Prince Mom is dead. Snow soon discovers that her curse has been lifted because of Lancelot giving her the Lake water. The necklace finally swings for Snow and She realizes they will have a Baby Girl soon in the future.
Back in the Present time, Cora says she wants to help the girls get back home but Snow knows that Cora can't be trusted. Snow and Emma are on a mission now to go to where Snow grew up and see if the Tree where Emma went through still has some magic left. Mulan and Aurora tag along as well but Aurora doesn't want to protect them she wants to kill Emma. They run into trouble among the way as they cross paths with Ogres. Aurora giving the chance attacks Snow but Mulan pulls Aurora away from them. When the Ogres attack Snow saves her daughter from almost getting killed. They finally arrive at the castle and look around to find the Wardrobe. Emma looks around and discovers this is where she would have grown up and she gets a little emotional from all of it. Suddenly Lancelot appears and they find out that it's not him it's actually Cora! Cora had killed Lancelot years ago so she can disguise as him till they have arrived. Cora attacks Snow and Emma but Emma sets fire to the Magic Wardrobe killing their chances of getting back to Storybrooke. Soon as Cora disappears, Mulan makes Snow their leader to help and protect them. But when they leave Cora gets some of the ashes and puts it in a bottle, She is not done with them just yet.

*I hope you have liked this episode. Tell me down below what you thought and what you think is gonna happen next. Will Cora make it to Storybrooke?*

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