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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I Made Christmas Hair Bows for Chloe 2013

Decided to do some crafting this holiday season and make my daughter Christmas hair bows/headbands with the help of my mom. I wanted to share with ya'll how the bows came out. This is our first attempt at making bows for Chloe. All of the materials I got from my local craft store.

First one is really simple to make... We just took a plain white headband and put 3 fake poinsettia flowers on it.

 This is the second one we made. I love the way my mom did the bow for this one. The ribbon has a snowman on it with snowflakes.

This one is really simple we just put ribbon over the headband and put the penguins on it.

Ignore the dirty straps I need to get them cleaned... Anyways my mom made this!

CES <3

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