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Monday, December 16, 2013

Once Upon a Time: Wonderland (Mid Season Finale) Recap

Hey Wonderland fans, this is the mid-season finale! Can you believe all of the shows we are watching are going off till next year? At least we don't have to wait long. Anyways let me take you down to Wonderland as I recap this episode for ya'll. Come join me....

Warning: Do not read this post if you haven't watch this episode yet! Contains Spoilers!!!

* Flashback: Alice and Cyrus kiss under falling stars. Alice asks about his past life and about his mom. Thiefs show up and start fighting them. Alice ends up getting hurt really bad and Cyrus takes her to the white rabbit for help.
* Cyrus is still on the run till he gets caught in a trap
* One of the queen guards gave Jafar a bottle but it might not be the right one
* Red Queen finds Cyrus
* Jafar gets mad when he finds out it's not the right bottle
* Alice finds the rabbit and he tells them the queen has his wife and children. Alice wants to help him.
* Red Queen shows Cyrus that she has his bottle
* Jafar takes a lock of hair from the queen and set the castle on fire
* Flashback: Cyrus makes a deal with the Caterpillar
* Alice and Knaves save white rabbit family from the queen!
* Alice is headed to the Outlands because she believes Cyrus will be there
* Jafar sends a black cloud after the queen
* Flashback: Cyrus gave Alice a home that is invisible so that they have a safe place to go
* Alice goes the home where she believed Cyrus would be
* Finally Alice and Cyrus are together again!!!
* Red Queen wants them to escape Wonderland but Alice doesn't trust her but Cyrus does
* Queen admits that she wants Knaves aka Will back
* Alice and Knaves almost die because Knaves get struck by the black cloud and because of the wish Alice is linked to him.
* Knaves wakes up and Cyrus gives him a wish and he uses it to end Alice suffering.
* Cyrus ends up being a free man but Knaves is gone! Come to find out he is now a genie inside the bottle and he is traveling down a waterfall.

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