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Saturday, March 4, 2017

How I Organize My Craft/Planner Desk!!

Hey Everyone! Today I am sharing with you my craft/planner desk and how I organized it.

Alight so this is how my desk looks like right now. It was a mess before so I decided to re organize this and I like this so much better.

So at the very top I keep my planner clips, shaker cards, binders, paper trimmer, ribbons, fake flowers, etc. In the top shelf I keep mine and Chloe important papers and my health folders.

Okay so in the next shelf I keep extra HP pages, binder clips, paper pads and etc. Then I have my container that has my Washi, sticky notes and other random planner supplies. The next to that I have my sticker binders.

In this section is where I keep my planners and my pens.

Here is just a closer look....

CES <3

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