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Friday, March 3, 2017

Classic Everyday Happy Planner Update!

Hey Everyone today I am doing a Happy Planner update on the Classic planner I use as my main everyday planner.

I keep my Classic Happy Planner in this deluxe cover to protect the rings. I love this cover and the gold foil in the heart.

This is what the inside looks like.... On the left side I keep some stickers, daily hourly inserts and my monthly dollar tree planner.

So this is how I decorated one of the weeks in my Classic. I did a Harry Potter Yule Ball theme and I loved the way it turned out. So I use this planner to write down appointments, holidays, birthdays, to dos, tv shows, blog posts, Chloe schedule, etc. I use the top box for important things, middle box for to dos and bottom for little things. I use the project life cards for writing down memories that happened that week.

Okay so in the very back of planner I keep goals I want to accomplish this year and my DIY dashboard I made.

At the back I keep my to go Dollar Tree planner.

CES <3

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