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Sunday, February 5, 2017

How To Make A Shaker Card For Your Happy Planner!

Hey Everyone today I am sharing with you how to make a shaker card for your happy planner.

This is what a shaker card looks like in a planner. You can add any gems or sequins and it's pretty easy to make!

 Okay so the first item you will need is some plastic sheets that you are going to use for your shaker. I got the idea to use plastic sticker sheets your stickers come in from Trish Davis on Youtube!

Next you will need scrapbook paper. This will go into your shaker card.

So first what you will do is cut the scrapbook paper to fit inside the plastic sheet. There should be an opening at the bottom of your plastic or you can cut on the top to make an opening to stick in your scrapbook paper.

So this is me showing you the scrapbook paper inside of the plastic sheet.

Next what I did was add some stickers on the plastic just so it had more decoration to it. I used the Mambi Color Story Sticker Book.

Next you will pick out the gems or sequins you want to use. I found these leaf ones in my moms craft supplies.

Okay so next you will put the sequins into the opening of plastic. After you added the amount you want, close it back up with the sticky spot it provides on the plastic or if you had to cut an opening then you would get tape to make sure it is close and won't open up.

Next you will need a hole puncher and scissors.

Last all you need to do is take out a page in happy planner and use a pen to mark where the holes are. Next you will take your hole puncher and make those holes you mark. Last you will use your scissors to cut the holes so that the shaker fits into your happy planner as shown in this picture.

CES <3

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