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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Recollections Zipper Planner Look Thru + How Will I Use It

Hey Everyone so I recently purchased a Recollection zipper planner from Micheal's and I love it! The original price is $29.99 but I got it for $15. I plan to use this zipper planner as my work/productivity planner. I got the undated version so I can use it when I want too and not waste any pages.

 So this is what the Planner looks like. It says "Look at how put together I totally am... OMG." My career is in Child Care and I thought this cover fit me perfectly since I plan to use this planner for when I get my Child Care job. On the left is the box it came in and it shows what all comes with the planner.

So when you unzip the planner the front looks like this. It has the "Planner belongs to" page. It has gold rings and two pen holders. The zipper works very well on it as well.

So after the front page you get a page for writing down important dates and things to remember.

Next you get a page for important info and then starts the divider for January.

After each monthly divider you get a monthly goals page.
Then you get a monthly calendar page which all of mine are undated.

Next are the weekly pages.... these are undated as well.

Monthly Dividers:

CES <3

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