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Monday, February 10, 2014

Chloe 11 Month Update: 2014

I can't believe that next month will be Chloe 1st birthday!!! I think I am still in shock about it... Anyways Chloe is 11 months old now and it's time for a update on how she been doing this past month.

Height and Weight: We haven't got her measurements yet. We won't know till next month when she goes in for her 12 month appointment. I am guessing she has to be around 22 pounds.

Teeth: Chloe has about 8 teeth now!! 4 on the top that are finally cutting through and 4 on the bottom. She has been majorly teething lately she will bite me or just really bite anything she can get her hands on. She puts everything in her mouth.

Feeding Schedule: Chloe now has only 4 bottles a day.... She gets a bottle when she wakes up, before each nap which she takes 2 naps a day and one bottle before bed. We are now introducing sippy cups so she does have a sippy cup at every meal. In her sippy cup she either gets Water, Apple Juice, or Similac Sensitive Milk. Chloe has 3 meals a day... She has Breakfast around 9am, Lunch around 2pm and Supper around 5-6pm. She also gets 2 snacks a day in between her meals. Chloe doesn't eat baby food anymore she now has solid food at each meal.

Clothing and Diaper Sizes: Chloe is now in 12 month clothing!!! She is still in size 3 diapers.

Sleep Routine: Chloe hasn't been sleeping through the night lately, she been waking me up 2 times a night and usually goes back to sleep after drinking milk. She been doing this for the past couple of months and it's been tough on me because I hardly get sleep anymore. I just don't know why she won't sleep through the night but I hope it's just a phase and it will past soon. Chloe wakes up in the morning at 8:30am. First nap is around 11am or 12pm. Second nap is around 3-5pm. Chloe goes to bed at night around 9pm. Oh Yes we are still Co-Sleeping which means she does sleep right next to me in bed. I am very pro co-sleeping I just love the bond and security of it and I wouldn't change it right now for anything.

Major Milestones and Random:

* I brush her teeth every morning and at night now.
* She drinks out of sippy cups 3 times a day right now. She gets a sippy cup at every meal. She likes the NUK Sippy Cup.
* She gets into everything now!!! The room always looks like a tornado hit it.
* She likes to hit and bite. Bad habit trying to break now....
* Loves playing peek a boo
* She loves watching Dora. It's her favorite show right now. I only let her watch it in the morning while she eats breakfast.
* Loves trying different food
* If I tell her to say "Mama" She will repeat it back to me.
* Still loves her pacifier. I lose them a lot it's crazy!

CES <3

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