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Thursday, February 20, 2014

College Update: Feb. 2014

Hey everyone! I am doing another College update on how my classes are going and how I feel about them. This month so far has been crazy because Chloe got sick and then I got sick so it's been a little stressful lately. Anyways here is my update for this month.

Emergent Literacy:
So far we just been doing Author studies which we do a bio on them and we read a certain amount of children books written by that author. I miss last week class because Chloe had the stomach virus and I thought I would be really behind but the teacher told me that I wouldn't be behind so that made me feel a little better. 

We been going over different health topics such as Immunizations and Diseases. For this class I have to do 10 hours of lab and so far I only did 2 hours. We also have to do 6 hours at a Elementary School but we haven't signed up for that yet but I think we are doing that soon.

School Age:
So I been having so much trouble with the process of getting into a After School Program to do my 16 hours but I finally got approved. I was suppose to do it Friday 14th but I was really sick and couldn't do it. I am so behind than the other students in my class and I just hope I can get caught up soon. Also we have a group project coming up in April so I need to start planning when to have a meeting with my group, our topic is Single Parents.

Children with Special Needs:
This class I am not so happy with right now. I did a paper about interviewing a teacher and I didn't get the grade I wanted and I think I deserved a way better grade than I got. I already failed this class before because of missing too many days and I am just getting worried. I just need to stay focused and positive. What I did love this month about this class is that we watched the movie Temple Grandin. I highly recommend that movie! She is Autistic and we see the world through her eyes, it's very interesting.

CES <3

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