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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

How I Organize My Planner/Agenda 2014

Hey Everyone! Today I am sharing with ya'll how I organize my planner for school and also just life events. Being a mom and college student is hard for me to keep up with everything so I use a planner to keep my life a little more organized. What I do to keep things organized is I color code each class a different color that way I can keep each class separate and neat. I will show you the front cover of the planner, How I organize a week, and also my to-do list which I keep on a separate page.

Front Cover of My Planner:
This is what my planner looks like it's plain, small and simple. My mom gave me this at the beginning of this year so I don't know the brand because I can't find it anywhere in the planner. I would love a Filofax but I like this planner for now. I carry this around in my school bag.

Week Organization:
This is Monday-Wednesday view.... As you can see each class has a different color. I have Emergent Lit. on Monday's which is Dark Green, Wellness on Tuesday's which is Orange and School Age on Wednesday's which is Blue. On Tuesday's I do Lab in the morning from 8-10am so that's in Black.

Thursday-Sunday view... Thursday's is Children with Special Needs which is in Light Green. On Friday's I have Volunteering at a After School program from 4:30-6pm. Saturday and Sunday I do homework. Homework is color coded to match with the classes that way it's easier for me and more organized.

My To-Do List:
Okay so not the best picture but you can still see how I do my daily to-do list. Today I had to do Lab in the morning then after some computer things like check my email and publish this planner organization. Then when Chloe leaves I will study for my test, take a ootd picture and clean. After class and when Chloe goes to bed I do homework and edit some blog post. At the bottom of page I have some main goals I wish to accomplish for that day. I also put a box so I can check it off so I know I did that and it's done. I found this helps me remember to get things done for that certain day.

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