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Thursday, September 29, 2016

I Bought A Happy Planner!!!18 Month July 2016-December 2017

Hey Everyone so I decided recently that I didn't want another horizontal planner for next year and decided to buy a Happy Planner which is vertical. For months now I been watching Happy Planner plan with me on Youtube and I loved the spreads so much that I wanted to get my self one for next year. I am still going to finish up my spreads in my Ban.Do planner but next year I will be using a Happy Planner and will be sharing my spreads on this blog.

Who else in this blogging community have a Happy Planner???

I bought my Happy Planner on Amazon but you can also find it at Micheal's or Hobby Lobby. My planner costed me about $30 and I also had a $6 gift card to use on it as well.

 This planner theme is Peony and I love the style of it. The front cover says "Just Be Happy" which I thought fit me perfectly because I have anxiety and depression.

This is what the back cover looks like.

As you can see you can change out the flower cover for the polka dot cover if you want. You can also rip out pages and put them back in which I love. Here is the very first page of the Happy Planner.

Next is the 2016 and 2017 months page. Very simple but cute.

So every month has a currently page which you can write down birthdays for that month, special events, a gratitude saying and what you have been loving for that month. Also every month has a decorative divider.

 Here is what the monthly page looks like.

Here is what each week will look like in the Happy Planner. I love that each day is vertical and has 3 boxes for each day that I can write in. Each week also has a side bar for notes.

So I can't wait to start sharing my Happy Planner spreads on my blog!!!

CES <3

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