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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Walmart & Dollar General Children Clothing Haul!

Hey Everyone today I am sharing with you what my mom bought for Chloe at Walmart & Dollar General Store.


Chloe has been loving Shimmer and Shine from Nick Jr.

My mom is in love with butterflies so she got Chloe this shirt. It's the Healthtex brand.

Chloe has been obsessed with Hello Kitty lately.

This is the first pajama set my mom got for Chloe.

This is the last set of Pajamas that my mom got her from Walmart.

Dollar General Store:

My mom got Chloe this outfit that has this zebra top and zebra shorts with it as well.

This is the second outfit she got for Chloe. This also comes with shorts.

Last thing my mom got Chloe was two packs of panties. The first pack is Minnie themed.

The second pack she got her was Doc McStuffins.

CES <3

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