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Friday, September 30, 2016

Dollar Tree Haul: End of September 2016

Hey everyone today I am sharing with you what I got at the Dollar Tree.

Food Items:

Chloe loves these!

Chloe loves eating these little crackers as a snack.

I pretty much always get these every time I go to the Dollar Tree. The oat & honey is my favorite.

I am addicted to these chips!!!

I love making pasta for lunch!

Pasta sauce is much needed to go with the penne.

Breast Cancer Awareness Items:

I found a breast cancer scarf to add to my scarf collection!

I bought this magnet that I can put on a car when I get one.

I got these headband wraps because I want to put these on my new planner.

I bought these because I love these hair ties more than the regular hair ties and these are cute!

CES <3

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