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Monday, September 19, 2016

Dollar Tree Product Review: ColorEazy Cream Hair Dye

Hey Everyone today I am doing a Dollar Tree review on hair dye!!! Yes you heard that right.... Hair Dye from Dollar Tree. So I admit I was a bit scared about using hair dye from the Dollar Tree but it actually turned out being good.

So this is what the product looks like. I decided to get this color because it's close to the shade that I have in my hair right now.


So this was what my hair looked like before I use the hair dye. My hair had 3 different shades: Red, Blonde and Brown. My roots were brown so that's when I knew I needed to redye my hair.


So this is the view from the back. The color turned out really pretty. I would say though that usually one box would be enough for my hair and this product wasn't enough so next time if I buy it from the Dollar Tree I would have to get two boxes. The only cons I have about this product is the smell and not enough product. I would buy this again though because I love this color.

Here is the front view. I liked how it took all the brown from my roots.

So here is my review on hair dye from the Dollar Tree! Overall I really like this hair dye and I would buy it again. The only cons I have is the smell and not enough product. I would have to buy two boxes next time instead of just one.

CES <3

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