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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

My Makeup Collection: 2016

Hey Everyone today I am sharing with you my makeup collection!!!

So this might seem like I'm OCD to some people but this is how I like to store my products. Not only makeup but also hair care and medicine. Anyways so this is how I store my makeup!

So this is all my face products.... not much. Anyways I have a BB cream from Dollar Tree, Concealer from Covergirl and NYC Smooth Skin Face Powder. The brush is from ELF.

Next is Blush and to be honest I really don't use blush anymore in my makeup routine. I just haven't been a fan of it lately I guess.

This all my eye-shadows that I have and also two eye primers. I have ELF, Revlon, Covergirl and LA Colors. I have one primer from Hard Candy and the other is from ELF.

Here is my eye liners and mascara. I used to have a lot in this section but I threw most of it out because either it was very old or I just didn't use anymore.

This is all my lipsticks... My favorite are the Revlon kissable lip stains.

And last is my lip glosses.  My favorite right now are the LA Colors lip gloss.

CES <3

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