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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Once Upon A Time Recap: 207 "Child of the Moon"

Hey today I have a recap for ya'll of Child of the Moon episode 7 of season 2. This episode is all about Red and about meeting her mother.
In Storybrooke, everything seems to be going well and the Dwarfs are back to mining when they find diamonds!! They need the diamonds to make fairy dust. David seems happy to have found diamonds because he thinks he can now go save Snow and Emma. But it doesn't go well when King George known as Spencer shows up to try and stop his plans. He wants everyone to know that David isn't fit to lead the people of Storybrooke. Meanwhile Ruby and Granny are getting ready for Ruby first appearance as the Wolf in Storybrooke. Ruby cloak has been missing for a very long time and is scared to turn into the wolf because she doesn't think she can control it like she used to.
To be safe they decided to seal Ruby up in Granny's freezer room to make sure she doesn't hurt anyone. But the next morning the door is broken and Ruby is gone!! David and Granny find her asleep in the woods and Ruby doesn't remember what happened to her last night. It gets worse when they find a missing person with his body torn apart and Ruby thinks she did it. David refuses to believe it's Ruby and wants to investigate. King George decides to form a angry mob against Ruby and David decides to put her in a cell for safety so no one can't hurt her till he finds the truth.
In a flashback, Red and Snow are wanting to head out of town. But a man comes across her in the forest and takes her to the hidden lair where other wolves stay. There he told her about the wolves and she discovered her mother. Granny had lied to her saying that her parents were dead when her mother was actually alive. Her mother is actually the pack leader of a whole gang of werewolves. Anita can teach her daughter how to control and be the wolf. The lessons do take time because we know nothing comes easily. Soon Red knew how to be the wolf and how to control her actions as the wolf. Snow suddenly finds Red but brings trouble with her when the Kings Guards show up killing a man that brought Red to the lair. Anita wanted to kill snow for her actions but Red didn't want her. Red didn't want to but she killed her own mother to protect Snow. With Red upset and hurt, the two women decide to leave.
Back in Storybrooke, The mob hunts for Ruby as she has escaped the cell and decides to show herself to the angry mob. Meanwhile, David and Granny investigate and find that Ruby didn't kill the guy it was King George and they also found Ruby cloak. David finds Ruby and helps show everyone that she is not dangerous. Ruby finally controls the wolf and David explains it wasn't Ruby. They soon realize George is gone and find him by a fire as he throws the magic hat into killing the hopes of finding Snow and Emma. There might be another way when Rumpl gives Henry a necklace that can let him control his nightmare. Using this control, he settles the fire and he talks to Aurora!! Aurora wakens and tells Snow and Emma that a boy talked to her and his name was Henry.

*Stay tune tonight for a new episode of Once Upon a Time*

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