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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Once Upon A Time Recap: 206 "Tallahassee"

Hey Fans of the show today I am doing a recap of Once Upon a Time episode 6 of Season 2. Last week's episode was all about Emma Swan past and The Beanstalk/Giant.
Finally we get to know about Emma's past and about Henry's Dad. Fresh out of the Foster Care system Emma has turned to a life of crime which involves mostly stealing to get what she wants. Emma is trying to steal a Yellow Beetle when a guy sits up from the back seat and he startles her. Emma freaks out and starts to drive the car around with both of them in it when she runs a stop sign which causes them to get pulled over by the police. The guy named Neal thinks quickly and tells the cop that Emma is his girlfriend and he was teaching her how to drive a stick. Emma realizes that this is not Neal's car either and they seem to be having chemistry.
In post-curse Fairy Tale Land, Hook led the girls to a Beanstalk where the magic compass is high up with the last known giant. The Giant was the only survivor from the war that Jack led. Hook needed one of the girls to go with them and Emma decided that she needed to go with him even though she still didn't trust him. Hook and Emma climbed the Beanstalk and finally made it to the top. Hook starts to work his smile and charm on Emma, she can't deny it even if she wants too. When the Giant arrives, Emma uses a magic sleeping powder to knock the Giant out. They finally start to search for the magic compass.
Back to the story of young Emma, we find her Pregnant and still with Neal. They are trying to rob a store when they are almost caught and Emma fakes labor so they can get away. Come to find out Emma wasn't even Pregnant it was just all the stuff she stole from the store. With a close call Emma and Neal talk about settling down and moving to Tallahassee. They try but fail when Neal finds a poster of him wanted and he freaks out but Emma is willing to help her love out anyway she can. It turns out that he stole a bunch of Watches and left them in a locker at a Train Station. Emma volunteers to go get them so they can finally move on. Neal is on his way to set out with his plan when he meets August who is Pinocchio. He tells Neal that he knows Emma and that he is Emma's Guardian Angel. He shows Neal something he has hidden in a box and tells the story about what Emma needs to do. He tells Neal that if he loves her he will not go and meet her.
Young Emma shows up to meet Neal but he is not there instead the cops are there saying they got a tip about her. She is arrested and is told that Neal has ran away with the money. Later, Neal and August meet up where he hands over a envelope with the keys to the Beetle and the money so that Emma can have a better life. Neal asks if he will ever see Emma again and August says that if the curse gets broken, He will send Neal a postcard. August was true about that because when the curse was broken we see that Neal gets the postcard. But when Emma gets the envelope in jail all that was in there was the keys and no money. After that we see that she is holding a positive pregnancy test and we know that Neal is the father of Henry!
When the Giant finally wakes up Emma and Hook get separated and we see that she still doesn't trust Hook because of her past. She faces the Giant alone and she traps him and uses Jack's poison sword to get answers. The Giant tells Emma that is was Jack who started the war and took down his people. He is sure that Emma is no different and that she will kill him too. Emma proves him wrong as she exchanges his life for the Compass and a Favor. She gets back to Hook but hand cuffs him because she doesn't trust him with the compass. He seems honestly hurt by it but she can't take any chances on it. Emma comes down and they set off to find the ashes that Cora has. Meanwhile in Storybrooke, Henry wakes up from a nightmare describing the same nightmare that Aurora had. He describes it to Charming as a Red Room with no doors or windows and red curtains that were on fire. It looked like Charming knew what Henry was describing, could he know?

*Hope ya'll enjoyed this episode and stay tune tonight because Red is about to be torched because of her wolf side*

CES <3

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