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Friday, November 30, 2012

Baby Essentials Haul #4

Hey another post today for ya'll!! I am just sitting around just relaxing today so I thought I would get some blog post up for ya'll. So in the past week or two I have got some more things for Chloe and wanted to share. I am also 24 Weeks Pregnant today!!!

I picked up some more Diapers and Wipes. I believe it's always good to be stocked up on diapers and wipes before the baby arrives. This is my 4th pack of these diapers and my 2nd pack of wipes.

My Mom picked these up for me. It's by Kidget and they are 3 bottles that are 9 OZ. Also they are BPA Free. I like the cute designs on them and how it comes with a mini spoon!

My Mom won this out of a machine for Chloe. I love penguins so I thought Chloe would love this too.

I got this when I went to my 4D Ultrasound. They gave me a mini size of Similac Formula since I am doing formula over breastfeeding for certain reasons.

I also got this when I went to my 4D Ultrasound. It's a Similac Simply Smart Bottle. It's BPA Free and it's a 4 FL OZ bottle.

*This is all that I got in the past week or two. Next baby essentials haul might be a big one because my boyfriend is taking me shopping for Chloe. Hopefully to buy her some clothes!! I haven't bought any girl clothes yet.*

CES <3

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