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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Baby Essentials Haul #2

Hey everyone I wanted to do a Baby Essentials Haul since I haven't done one in a while. There is only 2 products I bought my self the rest is gifts from my grandma and my mom's boss. I have some bigger items coming in the mail from Amazon which I will show in a post by their self. My boyfriend is buying the bigger items like the Crib, Car Seat, Stroller and the Baby Bathtub. So here is what I got.

I got this from my Mom Boss. Just a few samples of Dreft. The Baby Detergent.

My Mom Boss also gave me these. I am not breastfeeding but these will still come in handy. I got like 10 of these. Some though I am giving away to my friend as a baby shower gift.

My Mom Boss also gave me these Gerber Baby Pacifiers. We probably won't use these often though. She gave me a lot of these but half I am giving to my friend for her baby shower gift.

My Grandma gave me this shirt for the baby.

I bought this my self. I been buying these so I wanted to pick up another pack. So far I got a 3 packs of these.

I also bought this. I haven't bought some Baby Powder yet so I wanted to pick this up.

CES <3

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