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Friday, November 9, 2012

Pregnancy Log #5: 21 Weeks!!

Hey so today I turned 21 weeks Pregnant. I thought I would do a update on how I been doing. Chloe is doing good she been kicking a lot lately but she loves doing it more at night. Me and my Boyfriend decided to do a 3D/4D Ultrasound next week with a Sonostream so he can view it anytime he can since he is still in Hawaii.

How many Weeks and Due Date? I am 21 Weeks Pregnant and my due date is March 22/23, 2013.

Gender? It's a Girl and we are naming her Chloe Ann.

What does Baby Chloe look like?

Pregnancy Symptoms? Emotional, Headaches, Back hurts and Congested.

Any Mood Swings? Ever since I hit 20 weeks I have been so emotional about everything.

What does my Belly look like?

How much do I weigh? Last time I checked it was still 105 Pounds. 7 pounds total during Pregnancy.

Sleep Habits? Still the same just depends. I been going to bed around 12 or 1 am.

Next Doctor Visit? My next doctor appointment is November 29th.

How are you feeling right now? I been feeling better today than I have in the past week.

Looking forward to? 3D/4D Ultrasound, Thanksgiving, Fall Semester to be over, Josh to come visit me, Buying baby girl clothes and Christmas!!

Baby Shower Details? We had to change the date to January 19th, 2013. We are having it at a Banquet Hall. We finally decided on a theme it's gonna be Hawaii. We haven't decided on what food we wanna have yet.

*This is what is happening so far during pregnancy. I am gonna try to do these every two weeks or every week for now on. It's going by so fast!!!*

CES <3

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