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Friday, November 2, 2012

What to look for when buying a Diaper Bag

Hey everyone today I am doing What to look for when buying a Diaper Bag. I know soon I am gonna buy one and I thought I would share what research I been looking at on how to buy one that works best.

Straps: Look for straps that are long and adjustable.

Stroller Clip: This is for if you are going out in public a lot with your baby. It makes it easier.

Changing Pad: Some diaper bags come with this. The size of it might not be to big so always pack a extra one.

Extra Pockets: Lots of outer pockets make it easier to find things and have room to put more things than a bag with less pockets. You can also designate pockets for your own essentials.

Base: Look for a base that stands up on it's own. This makes it easier to reach in.

Color: A bright color on the inside can help you find things easier than a dark color on the inside.

Size: Size is always important to consider. You never want a really small bag.

Closure: You want to make sure everything is sealed and stays inside the bag. You don't want a bag where everything always falls out.

*Hope this helps for the ones who are buying a Diaper Bag! Once I buy mine I will show you what it looks like.*

CES <3

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