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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Vampire Diaries Recap: 406 "We all go a little mad"

Hey VD Fans!! Are you excited about tonight's episode? I know I am because I am a Elena and Damon fan! Sorry Stefan... Anyways let me recap on the last episode where Elena is having horrible hallucinations.
Elena is still having horrible hallucinations that are brought on when she had killed the vampire hunter. They are only getting worse with time and she is also seeing Katherine! The vampire hunter won't stop till Elena kills her self. Klaus decides to take Elena hostage and put her in a room so she can't harm her self. Stefan and Damon decide to take matters in their own hands and try to save Elena. Damon and Bonnie go see Professor Shane where he tells them about a curse, it's about whoever kills "The Five" vampire hunter they will be haunted. They needed Jeremy help because he is a potential vampire hunter. Tyler gets one of the hybrids to help break out Elena since he is not sired to Klaus anymore. He helps get Stefan inside but Elena is going crazy and stabs Stefan and runs off. They now have lost Elena again! Really? Anyways Stefan asks for Damon help because Elena seems to listen to Damon more than Stefan. Tyler wants to get his friend out of town when Klaus shows up and figures out what they had done to his Hybrid. Klaus doesn't kill him but he dies anyway because Jeremy kills him and this causes Jeremy to get more of the magic tattoo. Tyler is not so happy with that and is mad at Caroline because she has to go on a date with Klaus. Elena goes to where it all started at the bridge and is greeted by her mom which is another hallucination. Elena takes off her ring and decides to die when the sun comes up. Finally Damon shows up and saves Elena again as usual. Elena is now free and decides to have a talk with Stefan. She tells Stefan that her emotions for Damon are heighten and they decide to break up. I hope her and Damon finally get together!!!

*Stay tune tonight on CW to see if Damon and Elena get together! Also tonight is the Mystic Falls Beauty Pageant*

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