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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

4 Must Haves to put in your purse during the Winter!

Hey everyone so lately I haven't been feeling good, I have chronic headaches so I have had a headache for the past 3 days and I am so congested right now. I thought this post would be a easy one for me to do for ya'll and to share what I think are the must haves to have in your purse when it's cold outside.

1. Lotion
Lotion is good to have because the skin in the winter gets really dry and this will help put back some moisture in your skin. Even put Baby Lotion in the Diaper Bag just in case for your baby.

2. Lip Balms
I can not express how many times my lips have been dried and chapped this month already. This will keep the moisture in your lips so they can stay hydrated and smooth.

3. Tissues
I have been so congested lately and I have been sneezing so much.

4. Hand Sanitation
This comes in handy when trying not to get sick! I know when it gets colder I always get sick.

CES <3

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