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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Update On: College (November) 3 Weeks Left!!!

   Hey everyone, I can't believe I only have 3 more weeks of this semester of college. I am so ready for a break! Anyways next semester I am taking off and won't be going back till fall of next year. I just wanted to update ya'll on how college has been for me this month. I get out of this semester December 12th.
   I am gonna start with Art Appreciation. This month it's been pretty good we haven't had much homework in this class. We did have a discussion board but I didn't know till last minute and couldn't get it done in time. We have been talking about Street Art and Photography, I love learning about Photography. I haven't missed a lot of days of this class but this month I did miss some because of my stomach virus. My grade in this class in pretty good it's A or B.
   Next is Creative Arts for Young Children, I am done with all 16 hours of Lab! Now I just gotta focus on my grades for this class. I have been missing a lot of this class so now I can't miss any more days. The Lab assignments hasn't been to hard and my files have been pretty good. I am just worried about passing the final exam which we take December 11th. All the homework I have left is to type Lab #5 and #6 then to start studying for the final exam. I am just glad I am done with all Lab hours for this class. I just need to focus on finishing the homework I have left, focus on the final exam and missing no more classes.
   Last is Admin. Programs and this class usually stresses me out but lately I been doing pretty good. I only have missed one day so far of this class. The homework lately hasn't been to bad and we don't have much left to do. The major thing coming up for this class is the final project which I am doing mine on a Adoption Center.

*This is all I got to update ya'll on for now. I will do another one when I finish this semester!*

CES <3

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