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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Once Upon A Time Recap: 205 "The Doctor"

Hey everyone today I am gonna do a Recap on Season 2 Episode 5 of Once Upon A Time. This episode is all about Dr. Wale, Evil Queen's Lover, and Emma finding Captain Hook.
In Fairytale Land, Regina is practicing magic with Rumpl. He teaches her how to take out a victim's heart so that you can control their will. Rumpl tells her to do it but she can't bring herself to do it. She remembers how her mother did her lover so she can't seem to get herself to do it. She can't bare to use magic for evil the way her mother used it. Rumpl feels like his taking is being wasted because of her not wanting to take the heart and crush it of a horse. I would be the same way if I had to kill a horse, I couldn't do it. Regina though is eager to continue her training so that she can bring Daniel back from the dead. She begs him for more lessons when she meets the Mad Hatter who knows who might be able to help her with Daniel.
In Storybrooke, They started to figure out that some worlds weren't affected by the curse. Dr. Wale burst into Regina Therapy Session and he demands her to send him back so he can find his brother. Regina says she couldn't even if she wanted too, she can't bring them back to their world. After leaving her Therapy Session she thinks she sees her Love Daniel. Confused she goes to look for Dr. Wale at the hospital. She discovers something horrible when she finds him and finds that his arm is torn off. He was moaning about him unleashing a monster. Regina is shocked by this and goes to see if he is still where she left him at.
In Fairytale Land, Jefferson takes Regina to meet a male from another land who said he is best at what he does. His name is Dr. Wale and he can bring people back from the dead. But he tells them he needs a enchanted heart in order for it to work. Regina decides to take Jefferson and Dr. Wale to her mothers Vault where she keeps a ton of enchanted hearts. They pick one out and doesn't know who that heart belongs to but he goes straight to work. Regina had to use a spell to preserve Daniel's body. Lightening strikes the tent and he comes out saying that the experiment didn't work. Regina is heartbroken and returns to Rumpl and takes a heart out of a student chest killing her. She is ready to learn more magic and the evil of it. Later we see that Dr. Wale didn't use the heart he took it back to his land to use on his brother to bring him alive. Dr. Wale is actually Dr. Victor Frankenstein.
Regina discovers that Dr. Wale stole a heart and had bring Daniel back to life. But Daniel is not the same person, he is cruel and confused about everything. He is now a Monster. Being a Stable Boy he goes to the stables and David helps Regina because Henry is at the Stables too! They race their to find Henry being attacked by Daniel. David wants to kill Daniel but Regina won't have that, she believes she can get through to him. At first she gets through to him but then he tries to kill her and sadly Regina kills him. She is heartbroken that she lost her love again. I do feel sorry for Regina. It's all because of her mom the way she is now.
In Present Day Fairytale World, Emma and Snow comes across people that are dead but do find Captain Hook. Emma knows when someone is lying and she can tell he is lying about who he is so they tie him up. He finally comes clean and tells him he is Captain Hook. He also has to tell them that Cora wanted him to find a portal into Storybrooke. Hook said though that instead he will help Emma and Snow instead. They ask why and they find out that he wants to seek revenge on Rumpl because of what he did to him. They decided to let him help them but they still don't trust him fully.

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