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Friday, February 3, 2012

Pretty Little Liars Fashion Series: Spencer

Hey! So this is my 3rd installment of my Pretty Little Liars Fashion Series. The next and Last one will be Emily. But don't worry I am gonna start a Vampire Diaries Fashion Series coming soon!
Spencer style is Preppy. She wears oxford shoes, blazers, sweaters, tights, jeans, and boots. Out of the group she is more put together and professional looking. She puts a modern twist with some vintage to her style.

Disclaimer: This is just my view on what I think she would wear. Some things I find could be exact to her style she wears.

This Shirt is what Spencer wore in a Episode. I loved this shirt on her when she was wearing it.

Just boots that I thought Spencer would love to wear.

Spencer wore something Similar to this shirt in the photo.

Spencer wore this Dress when she visited I think Emily in the Hospital.

A fitted blazer that would look perfectly on Spencer.

Oxford shoes with some floral pattern. Thought Spencer would know how to pair this with something!

Spencer wore this hat in Red when she was still dating Alex.

I love this dress for some reason and I thought Spencer would love to wear this and put her own style to it. I like how it has a belt to it because it can be more fitting on her.

I love this purse! I think if Spencer wore a Purse she would wear something similar to this.

*Hope you liked this! Emily Fashion will be coming up next soon.*

CES <3

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