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Friday, February 24, 2012

Vampire Diaries Fashion Series:Katherine

Hey! So here is the next fashion of this Series and It's Katherine.
Katherine style is always changing she likes to mix things up so she can keep it interesting just like her Personality. But we do see that she does wear a lot of Black.

Disclaimer: This is just my View on what I think is Katherine Style. It is not Exact. Enjoy!

This is a Corset Dress. It is Vintage. Something I think she would wear and pull off so good!

We see that Katherine loves to wear Black Leather Jackets.

Just thought that this would be perfect for her.

As you can see these are amazing...

This is so pretty. Kinda what she would have wore in the 1960's.

A Purple Tank Top that she can wear under her Black Leather Jacket!

Something that Katherine could pull off.

Katherine Mask she wore to the Ball.

*So Hope you like this! Next will be Caroline's Fashion and her's will be up after I get back from Spring Break.*

CES <3

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