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Sunday, February 5, 2012

My Review: The Movie "Beastly"

Hey! I just watch the movie Beastly a couple of days ago and I loved it! It had a very good message about Life.

It's a modern take on Beauty and the Beast. It's about a guy named Kyle who is all about the way you look. He is Hot but he thinks thats the only thing that will get you by in life. Until a Witch who goes to school with him cast a curse on him to make him ugly and to find true love before it's Spring if not He would have to stay like that forever. Kyle Dad sent him to life with a Blind Guy and his Maid. Kyle has to realize that there is more important than the way you look if not he will never look the same again. Lindy who is a girl that is on the same committee with Kyle, She gets into trouble when her Dad shoots someone. Kyle saves her and makes her live with him so he can protect her. Though Lindy doesn't know that is Kyle because he hides his face from her. One day finally Kyle takes off his mask and shows her how he looks. Kyle goes by the name Hunter. Lindy says that she has seen worse and it makes Kyle smile. Kyle realizes that Lindy could be the one to break the curse. Kyle does everything he can to make Lindy fall for him. The Blind Guy and the Maid who just wants to see her kids help Kyle with the true meaning of just being your self and that Beauty is within yourself. Kyle starts to fall in love with Lindy and decides to build her a Green House with Roses in it. He soon realizes he is about to be out of time and ask the Witch if he can have more time. She says that there is nothing he can do but If he succeeds she will help the Blind Guy see again and let the Maid find her children. Lindy soon discovers that her Dad ends up in the hospital and that before she goes Kyle writes her a note saying that He is in love with her. When she reads it she thinks its Hunter but it's really Kyle. Lindy soon decides that she wants to travel the world with her school and Kyle loses time. But before Lindy leaves for her trip she tells him she loves him then she leaves. Kyle soon turned back into looking the way he wanted too. Lindy didn't wanna go so she ran to find Hunter, Kyle runs after her to explain everything to her. She soon realizes that Hunter was really Kyle and she kisses him!
 Kyle is so sexy! But his attitude about Life got him into trouble.

This is what Kyle turned into after the Witch cast the Curse. I love how detailed they made him and the Tattoo of the tree that turns seasons looked amazing! 

Lindy who is a free spirited girl who seen Kyle when nobody else did. Lindy was in love with Kyle from the beginning. She was the Beauty and he was the Beast. 
I think Vanessa played Lindy character very well!

The Witch who turned Kyle ugly. He played her so she thought it was time for Kyle to know what Inner beauty is about.
Mary-Kate played this Witch good. With the hair, makeup and clothes she fit the part.

This was one of my Favorite scenes in the movie. I think this was when he realized he was in Love with her!

The Blind guy who was to help Kyle. He was very funny! He taught Kyle how to view the world differently.

Another one of my Favorite Scenes!

*Hope you enjoyed this. What did you think of this movie? I love the message that it told about seeing life in a different view and about Inner beauty is more important than outer beauty. I believe that is true. It's a great love story and it makes you realize what is important in life."

CES <3