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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pretty Little Liars: Hanna and Caleb

Hey! Yes as you can see by the Title this post is all gonna be about Hanna and Caleb Relationship! I don't know about you but I loved Caleb with Hanna from the very Beginning.
Hanna and Caleb are such a cute couple!

Caleb was new to Rosewood when Hanna met him at school. Hanna first met him when she heard that he works on phones for the students, Hanna used him to work on Emily phone that way Emily could talk to Maya. At the beginning, Hanna didn't really like Caleb and she only used him just to help out Emily. She just saw him as annoying and didn't really know him that well but one night discovered that he was living at Rosewood High School and Hanna offered him to stay in Hanna basement or attic I think. Hanna and Caleb started talking more and they really started to like each other. Soon Hanna and Caleb were dating!

I think they are Perfect for each other and Caleb seems like a great guy that just wants to protect Hanna at any cost.

This when they had their "First Time" Together.

The Shower Scene:) Oh I loved this! It's my favorite scene of them together.

When Caleb was worried about Hanna.

This was when Caleb lied to Hanna.

This was one of my favorite scenes. I think this was after Ian Funeral.

When Caleb came back from visiting his Mom in California.

I just Love them!

CES <3

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  1. I like them together too! I like how their story progressed, it wasn't random. And he lived in her basement. I can't believe the mom didn't realize he lived for them for a while.