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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pretty Little Liars Season 2 "Breaking the Code"

Hey PLL Fans!
I am sick so bare with me on this recap I am gonna try to make it my best like I always do for these Recaps.
Anyways the Girls are so close to finding out who A is and from what we saw last is that Spencer borrowed $2,000 dollars from Jason so that She can give the money to the guy who knows who A might be.
Speaking of Spencer and Jason, Spencer decides to tell Melissa about the news of them being related to Jason. Melissa is not to happy about the news because their family is already had enough drama to last them 10 life times as what Melissa said. Melissa also wants to make sure that no one else knows about this because it can only make things worse. So we haven't seen Melissa in town in a while and well she has gotten bigger but in this episode we have more questions to ask Melissa because of what the girls find out. Anyways we will get to that later, before Melissa leaves she tells Spencer that they will get through this. So has Spencer and Melissa finally made up and gonna have a better Relationship? It only gets more Shocking and weird from here with their relationship.
So guess who we finally see again? Yes it's Paige! 
After Emily trying to get a hold of Maya and is not, Emily sits back at the table at school when Paige starts to flirt with her a little. Paige wants Emily to help her go around and ask people for money for some school thing and at first Emily didn't wanna go but Emily just decided it wouldn't be to bad to go and hang out with Paige. It seems like Maya might be out of the picture for a while so do you think that Emily will get with Paige? To tell you the truth, I don't like Emily with Maya. Maya just always had a weird vibe about her and she just doesn't go well with Emily. Emily deserves someone better and willing to be there for her. Paige thinks that's her because Paige tells Emily that she finally came out to her Parents and Paige tries to kiss Emily!! Emily resist her kiss because Emily still in Love with Maya. 
So with the Money to give that guy now, Spencer and Aria are now waiting for him to show up and Aria is getting nervous about it. The guy finally shows up and asks why is Spencer there with "Alison"(As he thinks Aria is Alison). So Spencer jumps up to say I am the Money. The Guy calms down a bit and Aria rushes to give him the money as he gives her a sticky note. Once he starts to walk away, Aria and Spencer nervously open it up to see they only got a address. Aria and Spencer rush to the guy because they are not happy with what they got but the guy said that was the best that he could do. So they only got a address? Well that doesn't lead them that far as they wanted to.
Mona stops by Hanna house to ask Hanna opinion about dresses for an upcoming dance I think. Hanna seems distracted and gets more worried when Hanna realizes that A is after Mona now. Mona tells Hanna that A has been sending her messages about Hanna mom and officer Wilden! Hanna is freaking out because she doesn't need this news to get out to anyone and A wants Mona to leak it out to everyone. Hanna doesn't know what to do but she tells Mona not to worry about that they will find a way around it if not Mona might be going to Jail for stealing. Hanna decides that she needs to talk to her Mom about officer Wilden. Hanna mom was asking why was she bringing this up and Hanna just worried about it getting out to people and what would happen if it did. So A is now after Mona? A getting bored and now after new people I see.... Well Hanna better think fast because Mona has until 10am of tomorrow to find a way around it. Instead of turning in her best friend Mona decides to turn the Necklace that she stole back to the store owner and now Mona has community service.
So the girls are in Spencer room talking about what to do now about A. Hanna tells the girls that A is after Mona and they now know that A is trying to go after people that is close to them. Hanna is worried about Mona and needs to find out who A is fast before A goes after making sure Mona disappears. All of the Sudden, you hear Aria blurt out that she is still seeing Ezra and that her Mom is now trying to figure out who A is. Spencer is not so happy with Aria and is angry that Aria lied to her face about seeing Ezra. Aria tries to make Spencer understand why she lied to her.
Aria and Ezra meet because Ezra just got back from seeing that College in New Orleans. Ezra tells Aria that he might take the offer because they have tried to make this relationship work for a while now and what else can they do. Aria starts to break down and cry because she doesn't want to lose Ezra. Ezra said that he had to go to class and that he will call her later and as soon as he leaves, Aria starts to cry more. Back at Aria house, Aria is depressed and is laying in bed because she knows that she might be losing Ezra. Her mom walks in and Aria tells her to go away but Ella won't leave until she knows whats wrong with her daughter. Aria told her that Byron won and that Ezra is leaving Rosewood, Ella didn't know what was going on because Byron didn't mention it to her. Aria is so upset that she tells Ella that she has lost her daughter too! Ella soon finds out that Aria went over to see Ezra again and Ella shows up to try and understand their Relationship.
So Hanna is downstairs in Spencer house on the computer when she gets another attached video from Caleb. She calls the Girls down so they can watch it and all of them are shocked by what they see. In the Video it shows that Melissa was in Alison room and that Melissa might have been a suspect in killing Alison!! The girls are freaking out and tell Spencer to rush to talk to Melissa about why was Melissa in Alison room. Spencer finally gets a hold of Melissa and tells her to meet her at a Bar so they can discuss some things. With the Pressure from the girls, Spencer is freaking out by knowing what Melissa will say about why was she in Alison room and what is she not telling her.
Spencer is waiting for Melissa at Bar when Spencer sees Melissa get in the car with Garrett!! Okay, What the Heck is going on with Melissa??? She is creeping me out now because why was she in Alison room and why hanging out with Garrett!!! Anyways Spencer is shocked and decides to take a drink when Wren shows up and they start to talk. Soon we know that we see Wren and Spencer at Wren apartment and that Spencer is drunk! The next morning, Spencer wakes up late and before she leaves Wren says that Spencer can stay at his apartment as long as she wants! Spencer kisses Wren and heads to school. So is Spencer gonna get back with Wren? Where does this leave Toby???
The girls decided to go check out the address that they got from the guy and it leads them to a Law Firm. Well when they try to open the door the alarm sounds and a homeless guy scares Aria and she falls backward off the porch and injures her leg. Hanna does some research because just a Law Firm doesn't give them a lot of information on who A could be. What Hanna finds out from her Mom is that Melissa was a intern there at the Law Firm! So with all this coming up about Melissa, could she be A? or is A just trying to frame her? Melissa better explain her self soon.
So Hanna mom was going through things when she seen this with Hanna's things. She is wondering what is going on and she thinks that Wilden is trying to scare them so she decides to go to Wilden to see why Hanna has this police report and has that note from A on it. When she shows this to officer Wilden he is wondering how she got this because he can lose his Job because of this. Ashley ask if he sent this to Hanna but he said that he didn't do this because he could lose his Job. So Ashley and Wilden are now trying to figure out who sent this to Hanna because if Wilden didn't who did? I think that there is gonna be a lot of help from the Girl's parents to figure out who A is.
So with Emily worried about Maya not answering her calls it gets worse from there. A cop shows up and tells Emily that Maya is Missing!!!

New Suspect?:
Caleb had sent the girls another video clip that had showed previously Garret and Ian in Alison room now here it shows Melissa walking into Alison room angry asking where is Alison! So could Melissa have killed Alison?

'A' Message: "Yesterday's Trash, Tomorrow's News."

Favorite Quote: "You lost me too"-Aria

Favorite Hottie:
Wren is so sexy! I just Love his Smile so much:)

Best Dressed:
This outfit is pretty cool I think. I like how it has the little spikes on the dress like that.

*So no Toby and no Caleb! I am sad I really wanted to see them two. also Melissa is making me angry I don't trust her at all now*

CES <3

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