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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pretty Little Liars Season 2 "A Kiss before Lying"

Hey PLL fans!
So lets begin with Kate being at Rosewood High!! Hanna Dad told Hanna that he and his wife and kate were moving to Rosewood and Hanna didn't take that well. Who could blame her though after what Kate did to her at the Wedding.
It's only gonna get worse from here and soon it's gonna be a face off between Kate and Hanna. Hanna already has a lot going on with Caleb, the Girls lying to her and now Kate. How does she stay put together? I would have already fell in a million pieces. So when Kate shows up to Rosewood High she meets Hanna and the rest of the girls. Kate is being really nice to Hanna but we know that is fake. Anyways when she meets the rest of the girls, Spencer feels like she met Kate somewhere else before the Wedding. Spencer keeps asking Kate questions because Spencer knows she met her before. So at Spencer's House, Spencer, Emily, Aria and Caleb are they trying to crack more of A files. With Caleb so close to finding out what they girls are up to I am afraid that Caleb is next on A hit list. Hanna doesn't want Caleb meddling with those files because she is just trying to protect him from A. Hanna does have a right to try and protect Caleb from A hurting him.
So while they watch Caleb working on the Files, Hanna calls Spencer asking if she wants to hang out with her but Spencer makes up a lie to Hanna. Though I think Hanna figures it out when something breaks and she hears Aria and Emily in the background talking. Hanna feels like they are shutting her out because of destroying the flash drive. Spencer feels really bad for lying to Hanna and turns to Aria for advice. While talking to Aria, Aria brings up Toby and Spencer starts to cry because she hasn't heard from Toby or knows where he is at. Spencer is worried that something else might had happen to Toby. I just think Toby is mad after what he heard at the hospital.
So while in the Locker Room at school Spencer and Kate have a little chat. Spencer finally remembers where she had seen Kate before. Spencer and Kate went to the same camp one year while Melissa was the staff worker at the time. Spencer told Kate that Melissa sent her a Photo of kate that year and Kate started to freak out. The Picture was of Kate having Red Bumps all over her face. Kate asked Spencer what will it take to shut her up and not show the photo to anyone. Spencer told Kate that the act that she is putting on toward Hanna better stay nice if not Spencer will show that Photo to everyone. Way to Go Spencer for having Hanna back even though you and the rest of the girls are lying to her.
So Emily has been nervous lately because her Mom will be back in town and she is excited to see her. Emily now though has to tell her that she is back with Maya, I don't know how her Mom will like them two together or not. Anyways Emily gets a surprise at school when she got a note that says Do you Miss me? When she turns around she sees that her Mom got back into town early. Her Mom wants to take Emily out to dinner and she asks if Emily has a certain someone in her life that she would like to bring. Emily tells her Mom that she is back with Maya and her Mom seems okay with it. I am glad that Emily and her Mom are getting together more now than they were in the past. I think Emily Mom just needed time to process it and just accept that her daughter loves Maya. So at Dinner when Emily shows up she sees Maya talking to Noel about her Phone! Emily doesn't like this at all. Anyways when Emily, her Mom and Maya are seated, Emily starts to talk about Maya and what is in her life right now. Maya brings up Jokes about smoking and about the boy she hooked up with and Emily is angry with her. Emily wanted her Mom to like Maya now but Emily thinks Maya is making it difficult. Well Maya and Emily get into a fight about it. Later Emily goes to Maya house to say she was sorry and that she just doesn't picture Maya with anybody else but her.
Maya said that she wanted to show Emily something and when Emily sees it she is blown away. Maya said since Emily can't swim that she will bring the Water to Emily. I think even though I have questions about Maya that I would like to know I think Maya is perfect for Emily. Anyways Maya tells Emily that she is in love with her and Emily says it back!! I am glad that Emily and Maya are working things out but I would love to know who Maya hooked up with at the Rehab place. There is some rumors going around that Holden went to rehab because of fighting and that he hooked up with Maya and now he is stalking her. Only a rumor though...But who knows, We still need to know what Holden is hiding too. Speaking of Holden, Aria and Holden go on another "Date" but really Aria goes to spend more time with Ezra. Even though her parents don't approve, I think Ezra and Aria are great together. Anyways when Aria and Ezra make plans again, Ezra had to cancel and Aria just decides to hang out with Holden at a Bar.
Aria and Holden just decide to play a game together and Aria is winning. While playing the game Holden is knocked into the edge of the table and Aria sees a big Bruise! Holden says that it happen when he was playing football but Aria knows he is lying to her about what really happened. So could he be the one that Hanna run over with her Car? Could he have gotten into a fight? Is he the one hooking up with Maya and now stalking her? We all have answers that we would like to know and in the next episode I think we finally know what Holden secret really is. Anyways we found out though that Ezra has been offered a Job but it's not in Rosewood...It's in Louisiana. We also found out that Bryon (Aria Dad) said that Ezra was best for the Job but we know that he just wants Ezra far away from Aria!
So Hanna and Spencer are hanging out at Spencer house and Spencer decides to show Hanna a picture of Kate at camp! Hanna was laughing when she seen the photo. Hanna then came across another photo of a ID. Caleb hacks into another File that has a Picture of a fake ID that seems to look like Alison but only with darker hair. Hanna is upset when she learns that the Girls have been lying to her and that Caleb has been lying to her too. She is angry with Spencer and storms out of Spencer house. Later when Caleb comes sees Hanna, Hanna is upset with him because she is trying to trust him again but he just lied to her again. Caleb tries to explain but Hanna is upset. Hanna tells Caleb the secret that she hasn't even told the girls about. Hanna explains how they were broke and that her Mom stole money from the Bank.
Later Spencer comes and explains why she and the rest of girls had to lie and that Spencer doesn't wanna lose Hanna too. Hanna and Spencer make up and Spencer shows Hanna the ID again. Hanna looks at it closely and Hanna says that she has seen Ali with dark hair before. Hanna tells Spencer about the time Hanna had seen Ali in a salon and she had dark hair on. Ali said that she wanted to be someone else. Maybe Ali wanted to know who A was and wanted to disguise herself as someone else. Alison went by the name of Vivian Darkbloom. Spencer also discovered a Ticket that Alison had purchased. Spencer called the number and acted like Vivian Darkbloom and the guy said they still have it if you wanna come and pick it up. So what is it??
Anyways at school everyone was acting different toward Hanna and she didn't know why. The Girls told her that Hanna had sent everyone in the school a Nude Shot of Kate!!! Hanna was so confused and upset because she didn't send out that picture or even take it. So if Hanna didn't then did A do it or Kate get someone to take it and frame Hanna?

Alison Flashback: 
Hanna had seen Alison with dark hair before and she remembered where. Hanna had went to a salon that her mother wanted her to go to when she saw Alison with dark hair. Hanna told Ali she looked good with dark hair and Ali told her that she just wanted to be someone else. Alison said "Don't you ever get tired of being you?" Alison told Hanna she was going by the name of Vivian Darkbloom.

A Message:  "You better call off your boy-toy techno or I will let everyone know what your Mom is hiding in the Lasagna boxes."

Favorite Quote: "I lost everything in my life I just don't wanna lose You too"-Spencer

Favorite Hottie:
I love Ezra! Nothing better not happen with him or i'll be sad.

Best Dressed: 
Emily has the best style of Casual. I love this Leather Jacket that she was wearing!
Jacket: Sparkle and Fade
Boots: Steve Madden
Jeans: Gap 1969
Shirt: Majestic Paris

CES <3

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