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Friday, February 17, 2012

Pretty Little Liars Season 2 "CTRL A"

Hey PLL Fans!
We are getting down to the very last couple of Episodes till we find out who A is. Remember that on March 19 we will find out who A is, So Who do You think it is?
Anyways since Mona helped Emily get back on the Swim Team, They won a trophy! Go Emily!! It was nice that we got to see Maya cheering for Emily and even made Emily a Poster. Emily seems happy now since she has Maya and that she is back on the Swim Team. But it's not gonna last long. The rest of the Girls showed up to cheer Emily and Support her. Aria though is worried about Spencer because Spencer has been staying over at Aria's house and Aria just wants to know whats going on with Spencer and her Family. So I guess Spencer is not gonna let them know that Jason is related to her. Soon though someone will tell them whats going on between them two.
So Caleb was working on his computer when the Cops showed up and one we all know that always shows up now is Garrett. Garrett said he has to take Caleb computer away to the Police Station because he has been hacking into the School's System and they traced the numbers back to him. Caleb was set up by A and how do I know? because A sent the girls a text saying "Now it's Caleb's turn." A wants to ruin Caleb life because Caleb been helping the girls out with the files. Hanna is worried now because she knows that Caleb was set up by A but she can't tell him that. Hanna doesn't know what to do now in order to save Caleb but she has to think of something.
So ever since Holden knows more about what Aria does when she leaves him to go see Ezra, Aria wants to know where Holden goes but he won't tell her. Aria says that she doesn't want to cover for him anymore till she knows exactly what he has been doing. Holden finally told Aria that he does Karate and that there is a big event coming up and he really needs Aria to cover for him. Aria promised that she would. Aria needs Holden anyways because she has to talk to Ezra tonight about him leaving to New Orleans because of her Dad. Aria really doesn't want him to go and she wishes that her Dad would go there instead. I am really starting to hate Byron because he is being too over protective of Aria, He needs to let her make her own choices and just trust her for once.
So with the big news that Spencer just found out about her being related to Jason, Spencer wanted to know more information so she went looking for Jason. The thing is though when she sees Jason, Jason was talking to Maya!! Anybody else caught that? Whats going on with them?
Anyways Spencer finally went to talk to Jason and Jason said he was sorry about the way she had to find out and about her family not telling her about it. Jason though had some news for Spencer. Jason told Spencer that he found more boxes of Alison stuff over at their Grandma House and that what was in the boxes was Letters from Spencer Dad to Alison and Jason Mom! Also we found out that Alison kept over $15,000 dollars in envelops. Jason assumed that Alison knew all along about Jason being related to Spencer so She wanted money from Spencer Dad to keep it a secret but Spencer doesn't believe that.
So now it was time for the Girls to meet with the guy that Alison aka Vivian was talking to. Aria was the only one talking to him the rest of the girls were at the next table listening. The guy said that Vivian wanted to know who was the unavailable number that kept sending her message which was A, and the guy said that he knew who it was!! He said though that he was going to tell her but she owed him $2,000 dollars. The guy also thought that Aria was Alison! So he doesn't know that Alison and Vivian are the same person and that Alison was murdered. The girls don't know what to do and how to raise $2,000 dollars so that they can find out who A is. I just hope this guy can really help them out.
Since the Swim Team won, Hanna said that Emily can throw them a Party at Hanna House. The whole Swim Team was invited plus a few other people including Maya. When Maya showed up she wasn't too happy and said that she needed to talk to Emily about something. Maya told Emily that her Parents found another Joint in her room and that they were gonna send her back to trueNorth and that Maya said she is not going back. Emily was worried and said that she will do anything to help Maya stay in town because Emily didn't wanna lose Maya again. Maya told Emily that she was going to San Francisco because she has friends there and that she told Emily to come too but Emily said she couldn't leave. When Emily went back down stairs she couldn't find Maya after Maya took off after what Emily said then Emily finally saw Maya outside smoking a Joint!! Emily was so angry and upset with Maya because Maya lied to Emily. Emily argued with Maya and Maya took off.
When Aria was getting ready for her "date" Bryon got a note on his car from A saying "Do you know where your daughter is going to be because I do" So Bryon decides to go to that Restaurant that Ezra was going to take Aria to. Before Aria leaves, Aria finds out from her Mom that Holden has a Heart Condition and that His parents are always worried about him a lot. Aria didn't know that and now she feels bad for letting him go to that Karate Match tonight. When Aria caught up with Holden, Aria asked how come he didn't tell her that he had a Heart Condition. Holden didn't wanna spend all his time watching TV and that he loves Karate and doesn't wanna give it up even though his parents don't know what he is doing. Aria decides to cancel her date with Ezra so she can watch Holden because she will feel bad if something happens to Holden. Aria better be glad that she canceled because Ezra showed up at the Restaurant and saw Bryon! Luckily Bryon didn't see Ezra so Ezra left. Aria stayed and watched his Match, you can tell she was worried about him. When the Match was done, Holden won and Aria was surprised by how good he is but Aria told him that he is risking his life by doing that.
 At the Party, Hanna and her Mom were called to the Police Station and at first they thought it was because of Caleb. They were called in to see Officer Wilden! He told Hanna that security took a photo of Hanna and the girls dressed up in those outfits by the Morgue and Wilden thinks that they stole Page 5!! Once they were out of the room with Wilden, Hanna mom had some questions for Hanna and Hanna said that she didn't take Page 5 of Alison Autopsy. Caleb was also at the Police Station too because Wilden and Garrett needed him to open his computer so that they can see all the files that were on there. Caleb hurried to call Hanna because He needed her help to delete those files quickly.
Jason showed up at Spencer house that night because he wanted to tell Spencer that he was sorry for what he said earlier that day. Spencer that was okay because they were all wired together and this made me laugh because it's true by the way the act! Spencer told Jason that she thinks she knew why Ali needed half of that money for. Jason was confused by what she said because he didn't understand why she needed all that money in the first place. Spencer told Jason that if she can trust him a lot because she thinks she can find out who was sending Ali those messages. Spencer said that she needed to borrow $2,000 dollars and that if she can she promises she can find out who was stalking Alison.
So Hanna had some work to do in order to save Caleb from getting framed by A. Hanna needed some help so she called Spencer over to help try to find a way to delete those files before the cops seen them. One thing though was that Hanna couldn't really remember all of the password and the last numbers she needed she didn't figure it out till Spencer was yelling at her then She finally figured it out that 1105 was the date that her and Caleb had sex. Once she typed in the whole password, Hanna and Spencer were in Caleb computer. Hanna didn't know what to do from there and Wilden was close to figuring out what all the files had on there. Spencer was yelling "No Hanna Control A" and Hanna was like "Thats what I am trying to do" and Spencer said "No Just hit Ctrl A on the Keyboard!" This part made me laugh but then I was scared for Caleb. Soon as Hanna did that all the files were gone and Wilden was angry because he didn't know where they went. So Caleb was saved by Hanna!

'A' Message: "Now it's Caleb Turn"-A

Favorite Quotes: "Sometimes what people believe what is best for you, It's not what actually is best for you"-Holden

Favorite Hottie:
I think Holden is so Sexy! Especially after he saved Aria from Noel. Plus seeing him at that Karate Match fighting he is a Hottie<3

Best Dressed:
I loved the way Aria dressed when she was watching Holden fight. It's not like her usually edgy outfits, this outfit has a romantic feel to it. I really liked how she paired this outfit together.

*So what did you think of this Episode?*

CES <3

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