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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pretty Little Liars Season 2 "The Naked Truth"

Hey PLL Fans!
So was this Episode Crazy or what?!?!? So this Episode was all about Truth up Day promoting students to tell the truth. Since the students have to participate they all have to be at the School lock in. Since it was Truth up Day there was some secrets that finally came out but at what price.
So Aria, Spencer, and Emily got a red coat from the Ticket Claim that Spencer and Hanna had found. In the coat, there was a phone number in it and the Girls call the number to see who was on the other line. All they got though was voicemail and they decided to leave the person a message to see if the person would call back later. Is the red coat more important than they are thinking? Who is the person that is on the other line?
Well we all know that at the last of the last Episode, everyone at school got a picture of Kate naked! So Hanna has to deal with Kate Mom, the kids at school and her Mom. Ashley is worried about her daughter because this is the second time that Hanna was framed for something.
Ashley is worried about her daughter but willing to protect her no matter what. So at School, Hanna and her Mom had to meet with Kate and her Mom with the Principal to discuss what will happen with Hanna. The principal suggested that they both participate in Truth up Day. Hanna is upset because no one believes her that she didn't send that Picture of Kate to everyone. The only people that really believe her is her close friends.
So guess who is back in this Episode and is gonna be at the School event Truth up day? Well it's Jason!! He is back and he is not really there for the event.
Spencer sees Jason back at school and wonders where he has been. Jason said that he was helping fix up his Grandma house. Jason told Spencer that to give her Dad a Message saying that he is back in town and that Spencer Dad can't keep away from him that they need to talk. Spencer is wondering what has been going on with her Dad and Jason. At the Event, her Mom is also helping and she is grouped with Jason. Jason asked if she knew where Spencer Dad was and she said that he was out of town but Spencer tells him that he is not out of town that he is still in Rosewood. So why does Jason wanna talk to Spencer Dad? Well we soon find out later why is was but I will talk about that later in this recap.
So all the Students at Rosewood High is broken up into groups to discuss different things and try to get them to tell the Truth. It is not that easy when some of them don't wanna tell the Truth about what had they done with their past. Aria and Caleb were stuck in the same group but also with Jenna and Jason! Aria is not so happy about this and tries to leave but she can't. Their group is to write down something that they wanna tell the Truth about and that no one else will know about. Caleb wants to speak his mind with Jenna and lets her know that he is in the room and that She can't hurt Hanna with him around.
So in the next group was Mona and Emily, They had to stand at a line and take a step if certain things applied to them. The rest of the group took small steps while Emily kept taking bigger steps, Emily let them know that she doesn't feel welcomed at Rosewood anymore and that if you do something wrong you are tarnished and kick off a team. Emily really wants to be back on the Sharks swim team but the Principal is not letting her. The Principal pulls Emily to the side and let her know that Emily is not really a Saint and that she needs to look at her self why things go wrong. That Principal is really mean!! Anyways Mona hears everything that goes on and decides to help Emily get back on the Swim Team. Mona is a Computer Whiz and finds out that the Principal is helping the football team get their players back on the team with the school expenses and Mona suggest Emily out him on it so she can get back on the Team. Emily doesn't wanna do that but Mona does it for her and Emily gets back on the Team! Go Mona! But why is Mona being so nice?
So Holden tries to talk to Aria but Aria keeps shutting him out because Aria wants to know what Holden is hiding. Aria soon finds out when she goes looking for Caleb up on the School roof and Noel grabs her when she is climbing up the ladder and won't let go of her. Holden comes to her rescue and Kicks Noel to the ground. Go Holden! He was Aria Hero and he looked really hot doing that. Noel said that he wasn't try to attack Aria but Holden sure thought that Noel was. Holden takes Aria back into the School where Noel can't hurt her. Aria has a lot more questions now after watching Holden do that to Noel. So I guess his secret is about to be out? My Guess is now clear with the Fight Club.
So Kate has really been acting like a Bitch and playing the Victim since the picture of her naked came to everyone at school. When the girls were sitting down eating lunch, Hanna notice that Kate has a Birthmark on her side and the birthmark is not in the Photo! Hanna lets the girls know and now she thinks that it wasn't A that sent that photo that it was Kate to try and ruin Hanna. Hanna gets Kate into the Bathroom and she lets Kate know that she knows that Kate has a Birthmark and that the photo was photoshop. Hanna finally gets Kate to admit that she was the one that sent that Photo but Kate doesn't realize that Aria and Emily were recording the conversation that whole time! Hanna goes and shows it to the Principal and her Mom is relieve that Hanna doesn't have to get into trouble.
So with Spencer wanting to find out why Jason wants to talk to her Dad so much we get a Flashback with Spencer and Ali in it. Spencer mom and Dad is arguing about Jason making out with Melissa. Ali hints to Spencer that Jason is closer to Spencer than she thinks. Spencer finally figures it out and decides to talk to Jason about it. Spencer asks if the reason why Jason is back is because Spencer Dad is his Dad too! Jason tells her how did she find out and Spencer said Ali told her long time ago but that she didn't wanna hear it at the time until tonight. Spencer goes and confronts her Mom about it, Spencer is angry that her Mom and Dad didn't even mention it to her. With Spencer knowing this, Spencer doesn't tell the girls that Jason is related to her.
So at the end of the day, The girls are in their Sleeping bags about to fall asleep when Emily looks at her phone and got 6 miss calls from that number that they called earlier. Emily decides to call it back and the person sounded like a guy. The guy ask if they wanna meet to discuss about Vivian and the Girls thought that they should because they wanna know why Ali had a totally different name and personality. So what will they find out when they meet that person? Will Caleb be next on A hit list? Will Aria know the whole truth about Holden and his fighting? What will Kate try to pull next on Hanna? Will Spencer let the Girls know that She and Jason are related?

Alison Flashback: 
Spencer and Alison were in Spencer room when they heard Spencer mom and dad arguing. They were arguing because Jason and Melissa had kissed! Ali told Spencer that was gross and that Jason is closer to them than she thinks. Spencer didn't wanna hear her mom and dad arguing but Ali did so she had open the door more so she can hear what they were saying. I think Ali was happy because Melissa was messing around with Jason because Ali was messing around with Ian.

"A" Messages: "Don't be scared, Spence. We are all family here, some more than others"

Favorite Quote: "Yeah until 'A' gets hungry again and takes another bite out of my ass"-Hanna

Favorite Hottie:
Yes Jason is back! He is so Hot!

Best Dressed:
I really Loved Mona outfit! Her style is a lot similar to Hanna's. I really love Mona Shirt!!!

CES <3

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