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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Haul of What I got In the Mail: Amazon and ELF!!

Hey! So I made some online purchases at Amazon and ELF. I haven't did a Haul in a while so I thought I would share what came in the Mail for me Today. When I came home from work, everything was on my bed.


This is a Verso Reading Light for my Kindle. I needed one so I can have my light off in my room and just have this on when I am reading in my Kindle.

This is the Skin that I bought for my Kindle. It's a Van Gogh Blossoming Almond Tree. I really Love this on my Kindle! It's really pretty.

OMG I am so glad I got this now! The OC first complete season. When this show was on I fell in Love with it. I am so sad that it's not on anymore so I decided I wanna start buying the Seasons. The OC has 4 Seasons. Right now I own the first one!


I just bought the Sheer one. I bought 3 of these so I can have backups because I ran out of my other one and I can't seem to find these in any stores.

I bought this because I own the Coral and Teal rose. The texture is very nice and they go on very smoothly. 

I wanted this for a while now because I heard a lot about it and I wanted to try it out for my self.

I bought this Eye Shimmer Pencil in Gunmetal. I love these! I own the Black, Purple, Blue and the Bronze. 

*So just a Short Haul that I bought from Amazon and ELF. Both I ordered on same day and They arrived together on same day. Took about a Week I would say.*

P.S: If you haven't notice I been posting everyday in February I am gonna try to do a Post everyday for this month if I can.

CES <3 

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