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Welcome to My Blog. I just started this on March 6th, 2011. This blog will be about my life and my family.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Update on my Life 2/11/2012

Hey everyone! I haven't did a update on my life in a while so I thought I should do a Update on how life is for me right now.

  • It's getting closer to my Birthday! My Birthday is April 28 and I will be 20
  • Found out that I had major allergies and has to take allergy meds.
  • Been a Very active blogger lately. Been doing a post everyday for this month and so far so good.
  • Has to have 32 hours of lab done by May and I am a little behind.
  • I learned how to do a Fish Tail Braid!!
  • This Semester of College hasn't been to crazy yet but next week is nothing but Test! So hopefully I do good!
  • I Created a New Blog called Dealing with IC. It's about Health and my Bladder Disease. So Check it out!!!
  • After this Semester of College is over I will have only 10 Classes left on my Degree
  • Next Month is Spring Break and I am going to Hawaii March 12-20
  • Bought a New Camera So quality pictures will be better soon on here
  • Me and my Boyfriend are doing good. No more Drama in our life.
  • I been trying to get my Hair to grow long because I am starting to hate my short hair.
  • Getting a Tattoo while in Hawaii hopefully it's gonna be a Japanese Symbol of Love and under it will say "Love gives you Strength."
  • Cut back on watching a lot of TV shows. Been mostly watching Pretty Little Liars and Vampire Diaries.
  • Not doing nothing really for VDay except Classes.
CES <3


  1. It is good that you and your boyfriend have no drama. Drama sucks. I also love the tattoo idea! Post a picture soon after you get it :)


  2. Yea im blessed that me and him have no more drama in our life. Oh and I will!! I excited to get it.