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Sunday, February 12, 2012

My View/Advice for Valentines Day!

Hey! So Valentines day is two days away and I thought I would share my View and Advice for Valentines day.
So this Tradition was started way to back to celebrate with the people that we love. These days I feel that people are taking advantage of this day and is just wanting a Date or just the gifts. Valentines day is not all about having a date or the gifts, it's about sharing this day with the people we love and just having a good time. I see most of my friends worrying more about a Date and not on the people they love. I mean I spent plenty of Valentines alone and I can admit first I hated this day because I didn't have a date but then I realize what this day is really about. It's about spending time with your family, friends or a boyfriend/girlfriend. It's not bout receiving, It's more about giving your love to the people that has been there for you and is willing to do anything for you.

Now this Year on Valentines day I have classes all day so nothing too special for me except for just spending time with family which is important to me.

Happy Valentines Day! xoxoxoxo

CES <3


  1. That is a very good outlook on valentines day, I totally agree.


  2. Yea thats the way I view Valentines Day. Happy Valentines girl!