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Monday, February 6, 2012

Pretty Little Liars Fashion Series: Emily

Hey everybody! This is the last post for this fashion series for Pretty Little Liars. Don't worry though because the next fashion series will be for Vampire Diaries.
Emily sense of style is very casual. She doesn't get dressed up that much, she keeps it simple. Her style I love because even though it's casual she still makes it seem girly. She wears Cardigans, skirts, Plaid shirts, Jean jackets, off the shoulder tops, sneakers, and scarfs. She has a athlete body because she is a swimmer so she wears more shorts and skirts to show off her legs.

Disclaimer: This is just my view on how Emily dresses and what she might like to wear. It is not exact unless I find a piece of clothing similar to what she had on in a episode.

Long sleeve top with a cute heart detail. It can be casual with just a touch of girly that Emily can pair with some jeans and high knee boots.

We all know that Emily wears Jean Jackets a lot. She wore one when she came back from the accident at prom and had to go to school with a cast on her arm.

From time to time you will see Emily wear Jean Skirts. It shows off her Legs since she is a swimmer.

This whole outfit is very casual. Emily loves to wear Plaid shirts and shorts. It fits right into her comfort zone. 

Emily wears a lot of off the shoulder tops. This one has a strip detail to it.

Just another off the shoulder top that I thought Emily would love to wear. This has a lot of more detail it's a bit more girly.

Emily has a purple scarf close to what Maya had given her as a gift.

Also you will see Emily wear Knit hats. 

I thought Emily would love to wear something like this because she can make this very casual.

She wore a Dress just like this in the Fashion Show.

CES <3

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