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Monday, April 30, 2012

Going Back To Blonde #1

Hey Everyone!
Lately I been wanting to switch up my hair color because it was getting pretty dull and my roots are naturally blonde so it was starting to show. My hair color now was a Red-ish brown color. I thought about it for a while and decided to go back to my natural hair color. Now I know since my hair is darker that it is going to be a lot of work to get it to go back blonde but I wanted to try. I wanted to try on my own instead of in a salon since last time I told them to dye my hair blonde they bleached it and it was really bad.
This was when I first dyed it to a Darker brown color but it turned out more black than anything else. Though over time it started to lighten up to a red-ish brown color.

I bought this to see how much it would lighten my hair up. This is my First Step to lighting my hair back to Blonde. This color is a Dark Golden Blonde.

This is after I dyed my hair. You can tell at the top of my hair it lightened it a lot.

This is another look at my hair after it was Dyed. You can tell it lighten my hair good. By dying my hair it added some color highlights and it's not so dull anymore.

So this is my first step into getting my hair back to blonde. The next step is buying shampoo and conditioner that has were it lightens the hair gradually. Also to buy a Lightened Spray like Sun In to help bring out the blonde tones in my hair.

This is what I wanna buy and use to see if it will lighten my hair to a natural blonde color without using too much dyes.

This is a Lightening Spray, It gradually lightens your hair.

So I really hope this works out because I just don't wanna go to a Salon. If you have any ideas on getting my hair to gradually go back blonde without bleaching it please let me know down below. I will do more post on my hair after I buy these products and have used them for a couple of weeks.

CES <3

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