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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Book Review on InkHeart

Hey! I finally have finished this book. I wanted to read InkHeart because I seen the Movie and I loved it.
This book was Written by Cornelia Funke. There was 59 Chapters I think. I read this on my Kindle.

Back of the Book Summary:
Mo is a Book Binder and who has a Rare Gift of reading Characters out of books while reading aloud. He does not have control over it though and doesn't like to read aloud since his wife went into the book and since evil characters came out of it. Nine Years later, Mo with his Daughter Maggie and Aunt Elinor need to return the awful characters back in the book.

My Summary of the Book:
Mo and Maggie live in a Farm House, Mo is a Book repair guy and Maggie was going to school till Dustfinger who is a Character that Mo read out Nine years earlier came to their house one night. Dustfinger is a guy who plays with Fire who just wants to go back into the book InkHeart. Mo been looking for the book InkHeart ever since his Wife Resa went into the book. Mo told Maggie that her mother went away and never told her the truth and about his Gift. Maggie was in love with books and loves to read basically about anything. When Dustfinger showed up, Mo knew exactly what is was about. Mo knew that he and Maggie had to leave the town before Capricorn or Basta got them. Capricorn is like a King that people feared in InkHeart. Mo, Dustfinger and Maggie went to visit Aunt Elinor because he knew they would be safe there. Elinor was a book collector who loved her books like they were her children. They stayed at her house till Basta showed up and took the book away from Mo. Mo was taken away too. Maggie was depressed and wanted a way to find her dad. Maggie didn't know what was going on and soon she was about to find out the truth. Maggie, Elinor and Dustfinger decided to go and find Mo and bring him home. When they arrived at Capricorn Village they were held Captive with Mo and Maggie was about to watch Mo read out of a book. When Mo reads out loud everyone goes silent by his amazing voice. Mo read Treasure and a boy named Farid out of a book. Maggie was amazed and now understood why her dad never read aloud to her. Soon a battle begin of getting out of his Village and saving their selves from the Shadow. Maggie soon discovered that her Mom was in the Village and that a couple of years ago her Mom was read out of the book. Farid took a interest in Dustfinger and had a crush on Maggie. Farther in the book Maggie realizes she has the same gift as her dad when she reads Tinkerbell out of the Peter Pan book. Capricorn decides to use Maggie as the one to read the Shadow out of InkHeart. The Shadow is a faceless person made out of ashes and out of people that the Shadow kills. Maggie reads the Shadow out but makes the Shadow kill Capricorn with a little help from the Creator of InkHeart Fengolio. At the End, Capricorn dies, Maggie and Mo is reunited with her Mom and Fengolio is sent into the book.

My Thoughts:
This book was really long and at times I wanted to hurry up and finish it. Other than that I loved it. I wish there was more magic in it but it was a very good story line. InkHeart is a Trilogy so I might pick up the second one if it is available for Kindle.

Rate: I give it a 7 

*Now I am reading A Walk to Remember!!!*

CES <3

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