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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring and Summer Trends for 2012

So I can't believe it's already Spring time and almost close to Summer. Here is Texas is has been pretty hot lately. Anyways so what are the Trends for Spring and Summer?

1. Lace
Lace is pretty big and popular this year. What is more popular is Lace Shorts just like these in this picture.

Here is it on the Runway this year.

2. Colored Jeans
This is a really popular trend! Bright Colorful jeans for Spring and Summer.

Here are celebrities rocking this trend!!

3. The Color Orange
Look out because the Color Orange is making it's way to Spring and Summer.

4. Wedges
Yes! I love Wedges and they are part of the Trend thats Popular for Spring and Summer.

5. Colorful Bracelets
This is another huge trend for Spring and Summer.

Braided Bracelets are big this year

6. Peplums
Peplum is a trend that I haven't tried out yet.

7. Printed Leggings

8. Ombre Hair

*SO what Trends do you Love for Spring and Summer? I love Lace, The Bright colored Pants, and Wedges*

CES <3

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  1. I love wedges, orange and coloured jeans!