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Saturday, April 7, 2012

My View On: Long Distance Relationships

Hey Everyone!
Today I wanted to talk about Long Distance Relationships and how I feel about them, Also to share my Experience because I am in a Long Distance Relationship.

Long Distance Relationships are tough, I think a Person has to be okay being alone until they can see the person they are with. You have to understand that not being with that person all the time will make you a stronger person. I think that being so far apart from each other may cause the other person to cheat but you shouldn't. You shouldn't do that because then it shows you can't handle being in that relationship with that person.

How often should you call each other? 
-Well that varies with each Relationship. I think though if You can to call each other every other day if you can. In my Relationship me and my Boyfriend call each other every other day or like every 2 days if that makes since.


  • Estimates show that 7 million Couples in the U.S consider themselves in a Long Distance Relationship.
  • Also Includes 2.5 to 3 million Long Distance Marriages and 3.5 to 4 million dating couples.
  • Between 27 and 63% are Military Marriages
  • How far Apart do they live? The Average is 125 Miles
  • How often do they visit each other? 1.5 times a Month
  • How often do they call one another? Once every 2.7 days
  • How long are the telephone calls? Average is 30 Minutes
  • How often do they write each other? Average is 3 letters a Month
My Experience:

I knew my Boyfriend since High School and we dated on and off in Junior year, Senior year and after we graduated. After High School my Boyfriend decided to Join the Marines. I was okay with it because he was doing something bold and it was for our country. With having a Long Distance Relationship, me and my Boyfriend have had some rough times. I won't explain what it is but I just wanna say it is hard to work things out with being so far away from each other. My Boyfriend is stationed out in Hawaii and I live in Texas. This year I started visiting him where he stays at. For Spring Break I went to Hawaii to see him for a Week. Being out there made me understand what he has to go through every day. I am visiting him again In June for a whole month and in December he will come to Texas for a whole month. I just wanna say that sometimes it is tough and I get depressed sometimes because it's hard not being able to see him when I want. The time me and him have together I cherish it so much. The most important thing I would say is when you visit your loved one to take pictures so that you can remember those memories. My Boyfriend keeps a Photo of us from 2009 right next to his bed, and I keep a photo of us when I went to Hawaii next to my bed too. 

"Distance is Just a Test to see How Far Love can Travel"

*I hope you found this Interesting and Like it. I think this is my Best Blog Post to date, I really love this Blog post because It's something I go through every day.*

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  1. Wow, your relationship must be very strong to last a long distance relationship. I had no idea so many people are in long distance relationships in the US. Great post!