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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Update on College:April 2012

Hey Everyone!
I can't remember when I last did my Update on how School is going for me, so I just decided to do one tonight.
I am so excited because I have only 3 weeks left till Spring Semester is over!! I am just ready for a break from school. When this Semester is over I don't have any Summer Classes and Fall Classes don't start till August 27th.
So classes for this Semester hasn't been to bad. I just got done doing my 1st speech for this Semester and I have another one in about 2 weeks. I made a 85 on it just because I knew I was nervous and also I didn't use enough eye contact. I still like my Grade anyways. My other classes has been fine, it hasn't been so stressful but I am worried about my Attendances for my classes because I been missing classes since I been sick a lot lately.
Now for Lab I am behind on, I am suppose to have 32 hours by May 4th and has of today I have only 14 hours. So I have some catching up to do and is gonna put in a lot of hours this week. I just haven't been that motivated lately to want to do Lab. I will get it done because I don't like to quit and Plus I am trying my best to graduate when I want. I plan to be finished with College by beginning or end of 2013.

So I just signed up for my Fall Classes. I am taking only 3 classes and one class is more of a Stress Reliever.
I am taking Children Creative Arts, Administrative Programs, Art Appreciation, and Yoga. I can't believe in the Fall I will be taking 2 Art classes, Just to let ya'll know...I am not a creative person I mean I am but not on the spot. The one I am excited to take is Yoga because with everything going on I need something that is going to help me relieve stress.
Which reminds me though that in a couple of weeks I need to go to Financial Aid to see if I get any money for the Fall Semester which I hope I do.

So this is my short little update on how College has been for me lately. If you have any post you want me to do that is related with school or college please let me know!

P.S. Oh my Brother is a Senior this year and is Graduating! That makes me feel old.

CES <3

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