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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Pretty Little Liars Season 2: If these Dolls could Talk

Hey PLL Fans! Sorry I am late putting these up, I just barely got caught up on it today. I just didn't have the time to watch this and the last episode until now. This is the last episode before the Season Finale.
Spencer was asleep on her couch when she wakes up to see Alison going through her bag! Is this a Dream or Reality?? Anyways Alison says she is sorry for not telling Spencer earlier about Jason. Alison also tells the girls to not give up that they are getting warmer. Before Alison leaves she ask Spencer for some of her pills. When Spencer wakes up she sees that the door is open and that her pill bottle is open...So does that mean Alison is Alive or maybe the rumors about her twin? I am so curious about this! Anyways Spencer talks to Emily and tells Emily all about it. Emily tries to calm her down and reminds her that she is on two different types of pain medication. Spencer really thinks  that Alison was really there talking to her. Emily also remembers talking to Alison when she came out of that barn and she said that felt real too. So was it Real? What do You Believe?
Back at the Marin house, Hanna was talking to her Mom when her phone started to ring. Hanna Mom is now really big on not having phones in the house because of Hanna not telling her the truth. Should Hanna at least tell her something? Anyways It was a call from Caleb and her Mom answered it. Hanna told her Mom that she got the phone from Mona because Mona is going through something right now and needs Hanna. Mona shows up and Ashley tells Mona that if Mona needs Hanna that Mona can just stay over a few nights because Hanna can't have a phone right now. Of course Mona sweet talked her way out of the trouble like she always does.
So Aria dad is at a meeting or a convention out of town. Aria decided to go visit Ezra at work and bring him some coffee. Aria wants to celebrate that her Dad can't control their lives but I wouldn't celebrate too early. Ezra tells Aria that the Dean isn't happy that he had turned down the Job. This is a big opportunity for Ezra but he knows he can't leave Aria behind. Aria isn't to happy with her parents because they are trying to break them two apart. Aria told Ezra that she won't let them do that to her. I have to say that their relationship has been through a lot and that their relationship keeps getting stronger because of everything they have to go through. I just hope that it will last! Who agrees? 
So Jenna was sitting alone and she decided to take off the bandage to see if she can see again. This I have to be honest scares me if she can see again. Anyways, Toby walks in to find her taking off her bandage and Jenna doesn't want him to leave because she wants to see his face first before everyone else. Toby doesn't know what to think but he doesn't leave. Jenna takes off the bandage and starts to cry because she can't see anything. I kinda feel sorry for Jenna because I would be sad if I can't see the world. Later Jenna goes and Apologizes to the girls that she has been so mean to them. Jenna says that she doesn't wanna have revenge anymore to them. Is this a Act? What do You think? 
At School, Hanna, Aria and Emily are sitting down talking when Spencer shows up. Spencer tells the girls she has cracked the code in the Newspapers saying that Ali put in Ads in the Newspapers telling A to meet her. A and Alison were set to meet at that Creepy Doll Place before Alison went missing. That doll place is very creepy with all those dolls around there. Anyways the girls decided that they have to go back there to see what they can find out. I wouldn't go back there but the girls knew that they have to in order to find out why Alison needed to meet A there.
At School, Aria went to her Mom classroom to leave her Mom a note when she seen this paper. It's a Application Form to go to a Boarding School for Girls!! See I knew soon or later they were gonna try to send Aria away. Aria Dad wants her to go to this School. Aria is furious when she sees it and at home she confronts her Mom about it. Aria Mom says they are just trying to keep her safe and protect her because they know Aria is being bullied by someone. Well Aria is being bullied by not just one person I think. Aria tells her Mom that right now her Mom and Dad is the only bullies she has in her life right now. You can tell at this point that Aria is so angry and upset with them. Aria blackmails her Dad by saying that she can get her Dad in trouble because he slept with a student too. Aria Mom is shocked by this and doesn't know what to think of her daughter anymore.
The girls head to Brookhaven where that creepy doll place is to see what information they can find about Alison. I hope they do find some information to help them! Anyways they run into the lady owning the shop and she doesn't seem like a nice person at all. She does though tells the girls to come in. The lady is not alone though because there is a little boy that Aria sees in the window. I think it's only gonna get creepier from here...Anyways somehow the little boy remembers Alison face and warns her of danger. He told Alison to stop looking because there is a Man and a Women that wants to hurt her. This is getting more intense! The lady tells the girls that he can see events before they happen. The little boy Seth, also knew how Alison Died! Creepy right?? 
The girls decide to go back to Spencer house after what they heard from the little boy. The girls are trying to make sense of everything that they heard and if they can believe the boy. The boy was creepy but I think I believe him. Anyways Spencer finally comes out and tells the girls that her parents think Melissa killed Alison. The girls knew that Melissa might have killed Alison. Spencer also finally tells them that Jason is her brother! The girls were shocked about this. When the girls leave, Melissa shows up at the House. Spencer confronts Melissa and finally shows her the Video with her on it. Melissa asks how Spencer got that. Spencer tells Melissa that she is going to the police with this and Melissa tells her that there are video's of the girls doing bad things on it. Can Spencer believe that?
After Mona gets another text from A, the girls need to come up with a plan. Hanna uses the information to prove that Spencer sister is A. Do you think Melissa is A? Anyways, Hanna asks for Caleb's help with catching Melissa in the act of being 'A'. I just can't believe what Hanna makes Caleb do! I couldn't do that never. Hanna wants Caleb and Mona to kiss in front of Melissa while she is running around do thingsCaleb doesn't even like Mona!! This again I can't believe!!! Spencer and Hanna wait for a text to come in to see if Melissa is really A. Hanna finally gets a Message from A about Caleb and Mona kissing. Hanna now believes that Melissa is A! I still don't think Melissa is A. Anyways Hanna wants to go to the police but Spencer still wants to protect Melissa.
Aria went to visit Ezra at his apartment to tell him about the Boarding school. Aria tells Ezra that her parents back down for now about the Boarding school. Ezra tells Aria thats good but that He got Fired!! I knew they would do that to him. One blow after another with their relationship. They know that Aria Dad is behind this. Aria is sad about this because this means that Ezra  is going to be leaving Rosewood. I need to see him!! Anyways they decide to have Sex for what we think is the first time for them. Go Aria!! I know all the girls watching this are wishing they can be in her place.
Toby comes to see if Jenna is okay and sees that Garrett is outside in his car spying over at their house. He is so creepy now...Anyways Toby tells Jenna and she has no idea why is Garrett doing that. Jenna hands Toby a folded up paper and it's the paper from Page 5!! Toby asks Jenna why she had this and she explains that Garrett wanted her to hold this but I think she is lying. Do you believe Jenna? So with that paper, Jenna decides to go to the police with it to turn it in to them to see what they will do about it. So finally now they turn it in? Crazy timing.
So Spencer, Hanna and Emily decide to go back to that Creepy Doll Place again. Seriously, It's creepy enough and now you wanna go back again at night...I wouldn't. They wanna go back to see if the little boy can give them more information but no one is there. The decide to go on in anyways and they go to the basement. More creepier it begins. The girls hear a doll talking while they are down in the basement and it is saying "Follow me and you will end up like me" That is so freaking creepy. Ugh it wants me to be afraid of Dolls now. When they find the doll it has Blonde hair and is in the dirt and is covered in blood. I think it's a act of how Alison died. When the girls turn around, all the dolls on the shelves start coming alive and begin to fall off the shelves. The girls decide it's time to leave that place. Good Choice!
The girls decide to go back to Spencer place to calm down about what had just happen to them. That's when all of the sudden they hear Melissa and Garrett. Melissa and Garrett start to kiss!! Their relationship is a little weird I think plus with Garrett still spying on Jenna. Melissa tells Garrett not to worry about the girls turning in that Video because Melissa thinks they won't turn it in. Oh they will Melissa because they need to know what happen that night because you were there Melissa!! Anyways all of the sudden cops show up at Hastings house and they are there to arrest Garrett for the murder of Alison!!!! So this means that the case is close? Well not when Garrett pleads not guilty because he thinks he didn't kill Alison. 

Favorite Quote: "Don't give up, Your getting Warmer"-Alison

Favorite Hottie:
I love Toby! Hey Toby ditch Jenna and come over to see me;)

Best Dressed:
Hanna looks so amazing right here. I love the Blue shirt it works great with her skin tone! I loved how she paired the outfit. I wished my hair looked like hers!!

*Don't worry The Season Finale post will be up soon! sorry I was late putting these up. Just been so busy with getting back from Spring Break, Work and School. So how did you like this Episode? Leave a comment down below please*

CES <3

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