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Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Birthday Vlog! I Turned 20 Today!!

Hey Everyone today I turned 20!!!
I thought that I would share what I did today for my birthday.
My Mom gave me these Roses today :) Plus a Birthday Card too!

This is my Outfit Of The Day. Just something casual since I am just going to the Theater to watch Hunger Games!

Tank Top: OP

Shorts: Target

Owl Necklace: Walmart

Trying to stay positive about everything and just enjoy the day.

This is the ring that I wore today. Just wanted a Spring look.

Ring: Forever 21

I bought this for my birthday present to my self! I love this Wallet because I can use it as a clutch too because in the back there is a part where my phone fits perfectly in and it zips up. I love the flower on it. I been wanting this for a while.

Cost: $10.00

I bought this at the grocery store where I work at. The store is only in Texas.

 My boyfriend bought this for me. I love the scent of it!

Where: Bath and Body Works. Sweet Pea.

At the Movie Theater!!!

Went to see the Hunger Games! I loved the movie and I am glad that I am reading the book. I am obsessed!

I ended my night with some Ice Cream, reading Hunger Games, and watching 10th Kingdom.

Reading Hunger Games!!!

I finished my night with watching The 10th Kingdom!! I love this movie even though it's long. I love this part right here it's one of my favorites.

*I had a Nice day and it was very relaxing! I can't believe that I am 20 now*

CES <3

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