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Sunday, April 1, 2012

End of March 2012 Vlog+Pictures!

Hey! Yes March is over I can't believe how fast it went. This month was actually pretty good for me because I finally had a Vacation. At the beginning of March though I had gotten sick and found out I had Bronchitis :( It was horrible.
I hadn't gotten Bronchitis in awhile and this time it had affected me hard. I could barely breathe and my chest was hurting me all the time. I finally got some medicine that helped it get alittle better. Okay so in Texas where I am at we had our Spring Break From March 12-19. The week before Spring Break was so crazy because I was running around trying to get things done before I leave. For my Suitcase and Carry-on they were matching and they were purple. I didn't want a black suitcase because everyone has it. Me and my Mom woke up at 2am on March 12 to leave to go to Hawaii. Me and my Mom rode in a Limo and it was pretty nice! Now for the Airplane it was my first time on a airplane and I have to say it wasn't that bad as I expected it to be.

Here is a picture that I took on my Phone while we were landing in Denver. The sunrise was so Pretty! Once we got to Denver we had no trouble but we did have a 3 hour layover. Once we got on our plane to head to Hawaii I was excited that we were almost there. It was a 7 hour flight and I think I got to the point where I felt like I was going to pass out. I think it was the motion of the plane that had me a little sick. Once we got to Hawaii my Boyfriend picked me up and we headed to stay with a friend of his for the week. My mom had Jet lag but I didn't. Looking around and seeing Mountains was amazing. I still couldn't believe I was there.

Here is a Sneak peak of some photos that I took in Hawaii! The rest I will show ya'll soon.

I took this while me, my mom and two friends of mine were walking to go get something to eat.

Yes Taco Bell in Hawaii!!!!!

Still no Tan Yet! I want one so badly though.

We had to go to Harley-Davidson Shop in Hawaii because my Dad wanted a shirt lol

Me and my Boyfriend at the Beach on the Marine Base in Hawaii.

St. Patrick Day :) We just headed to Downtown Waikiki and went walking down there where mostly all the shopping stores are at. We ate dinner there My mom had a salad, I had fried balls of Macaroni, my Boyfriend had spicy pizza and my friends had Pizza too. We then just came home and relax because we also went to the beach in Waikiki but got lost for a while though.

 Back from Hawaii now and hasn't been feeling good at all. The Doctors think I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Just been so stress out lately and depressed.

Me and my Boyfriend took this the last day that I was in Hawaii. I miss him so much! but I am going back over the summer to stay for a month.

This is the Tattoo Design that I am getting Hopefully this month in April. I really been wanting to get a tattoo for the longest and my Mom cousin is going to do my Tattoo. I told him the Design I wanted in March and he Drew this up for me. I love it!!!

*So I hope you liked this! I thought I would add pictures just so you can see what I have been up to. Don't worry soon I will Post more pictures of Hawaii. When I get my Tattoo done I will post pictures of that too*

CES <3

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