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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My First Tattoo!!!

Hey Everyone!
I got some exciting news, today I got my first tattoo.
I was a little nervous at first but I been wanting this tattoo for a couple of years now.
My view about Tattoo's is that I like them and that I will put them on my body because they have a certain meaning to me. Plus I grew up around tattoo's because my dad has a lot and my boyfriend has tattoo's too.
It's the Chinese Symbol of Love and it says "Love Gives Me Strength" I decided to get this because that quote is what I live by now. Without love from my family, friends and boyfriend I would have no strength to stay strong and still fight. I got it with Blue coloring because the blue represents the awareness for IC which is for my Bladder Disease. I got this done at Masterminds Ink it's in Texas and my Mom cousin open his own shop. This tattoo only costed me about $50.00 which isn't bad since coloring does cost more. When He first started doing it, it didn't hurt so bad as I thought it would. Now I got this tattoo on the back of my Left Shoulder. It was kinda irritated after a while because some parts he kept going over and it just really irritated the skin but other wise I did pretty good. I just sat there and chatted with him. My mom came with me because she always supports me and just wanted to be there for me. At first I was just gonna leave it black but He asked if I wanted a little color and I told him about how Blue represents IC and he suggested that he can put blue into it. It really turned out great! I didn't bleed at all really and there wasn't much swelling as I thought it would be. Now after it was all done and covered up with a bandage, there was a little pain. It felt mostly like a sunburn effect. I really love my tattoo and glad I finally got it done. This was a present from me for my 20th birthday. I thought this would be a perfect gift for me to finally have. I know when I look at this tattoo that I will be reminded of the people that love and support me and realize thats what gives me the strength to stay strong and to not give up.

*What do You think of this Tattoo? Also just wanna say that this is what I wanted and that I love this Tattoo *

CES <3

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